Environmentally safe NORM removal system

Wilma Howe-Bennett Thu, 2010-03-04 14:42

Wilma Howe-Bennett · Thu, 03/04/2010 - 15:42


Business Overview: 

Operations Plan

For the prototype system, all components and assembly will be sub-contracted to lower the initial overhead. Since the system is heavily weighted toward the use of commercially available equipment, there is no immediate need for manufacturing capabilities.

Exit Strategy

Hypothetical Assumption – Equity Financing of $500,000 in the form of up to a 40% equity stake in the company. With each annual payment of $100,000 principal and $125,000 interest, the percentage of the stake by will be reduced by 15%. At the end of the five year period or before, the completion of the payment of $5000,000 principal and $625,000 interest will liquidate the position of the capitalist.

Project Location: 
Houston, TX, 77074
United States
Services Desired: 
What is the Target Market?: 

Market Description and Analysis

The profile of the targeted customer are oil field service companies working in areas that have NORM contamination issues, as well as companies already working in the hazardous waste removal/disposal industries.

Marketing Strategy: Sale price of the system $260,000

The first phase in marketing to make the oil field service companies aware that there is a cleaning system available to remove NORM and that using the system will result in a return on investment of less than one year.




Amount Sought: 
If raising funds, what shall the funds be used for?: 

The product is a unique cleaning system designed for the removal of NORM by blasting with dry ice pellets. The removed contaminated material is collected at three points: in a catch pan located below the blasting heads, in a disposal drum located below the dust collector, and in a sub-micron HEPA filter used for removing particles down to 0.016 micron size with better than 99% efficiency. This system is patent-pending and is trademarked and copyrighted.


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