Eu-Max Building Energy Optimization System


brent marsh Thu, 2011-09-08 14:23

brent marsh · Thu, 09/08/2011 - 14:23


Business Overview: 

Eutricity has created the most cost effective means to systemically transform new and existing large buildings into intelligent energy-optimized market-reactive structures. It starts with our sustainably competitive 'lowest cost/lumen' lighting that uses the existing electrical circuits to form the lowest cost DC micro grids and building systems network and sensor platforms that can scale to inter-operate with all building systems. The DC micro grids are designed to blend grid AC with on-site renewables and storage - without the need for inverters - to directly power the lighting and potentially other building system loads. Combined, the on-site energy generation and storage and device-level control can jointly react to demand response signals, dynamic price fluctuations and other market factors.

What are your future milestones, and how much capital will you need to achieve each of the milestones outlined?: 

Obtain compliance certification from UL and Energy Star. Start contract manufacturing. Begin trials with PG&E, NASA and Google; and domestic and international Super ESCOs for occupancy and networked-dimmed lighting, with real-time energy savings verification. Use the momentum to begin selling to REITs and property management companies. Expand sales nationally. Introduce new products and senosrs. Integrate with on-site renewables and storage. Scale with multiple cloud-based energy services and analytics. We anticipate $6MM is sufficient to break even if we only sell nationally, but we may need to raise another round to expand internationally.

How many future rounds of financing do you project? : 

We anticipate no new funding required to grow nationally, but we may need to raise another round to expand internationally.

Services Desired: 
Technology Consultant
Legal-Intellectual Property
Who is the Customer?: 

Commercial and institutional buildings owners and managers with 5,000 to 100,000 linear fluorescent lamps.

What is the Customer Pain that you are solving?: 

The need for a cost effective and integrated system that provides whole-building energy optimization. 40% of the energy costs for customer buildings consists of lighting. 85% of that lighting consists of linear fluorescent lamps. Eutricity's Eu-Light LED T8 replacement lamps can reduce these costs by 40% at the same brightness as a T8 fluorescent lamp - without dimming. With sensor-based and networked dimming; savings can approach 80+%. With appropriate on-site renewables and battery sizing, up to 100% of the energy used to power the lighting circuits can be removed from the grid. By using our circuit-specific DC power distribution and energy data network platforms using existing building electrical wires, third-party vendors can introduce new products and services that operate from our power and data network platforms to contribute further whole-building energy savings through granular interoperability and cloud-based energy services and analytics.

Names of any current or recent customers: 

PG&E, NASA and Google; and multiple Super ESCOs have agreed to fund up to eight separate trial installations. We have also generated interest from Webcor Builders (2nd largest green building developer in US), and the cities of Oakland and San Francisco.

What is the Target Market?: 

Commercial and institutional buildings with 5,000 to 100,000 fluorescent lamps.

How big is the Target Market in terms of Annual Sales?: 
Sales/Marketing Strategy: 

Direct marketing and sales to ESCOs, building owners and management companies for portfolio-wide adoption. Partner with ESCOs to perform audits and installations. Collaborate with electric utilities that provide rebates and marketing assistance. Cooperate with third-party vendors to provide other building systems solutions that operate over our power, data network and sensor platforms.


Multiple vendors compete separately in various vertical markets including: LED T8 lamps and other LED lighting, lighting controls, sensors, sensor networks, energy management networks, renewables and batteries integration, and web-based energy/carbon management services. We have a sustainable 'lowest cost/lumen' LED power architecture and offer the only integrated solution for large buildings, using existing electrical circuits.

One-line Pitch: 

Eutricity's Eu-Max System provides the most cost effective means for buildings to reduce energy consumption.

Business Model: 

Sell portfolio-wide (<1 year payback period) 24/7 common area lighting for stairwells and parking garages to REITs and building management companies. Scale with 15-20X volume sales of interior lighting with occupancy, ambient light sensor and networked dimming (Demand Response) services. Partner with third-party building system vendors to sell sensors and building energy management web-based services, and renewables and battery vendors to integrate into the building systems.

Product/Services Overview (what does it do): 

The LED Eu-Light replaces linear fluorescent lamps, using the same fixtures. The Power Router converts grid AC and the DC from on-site renewables and batteries into 325/430VDC that is distributed over the existing circuits and wiring to the light fixtures. It is mounted in the electrical room at the input of the lighting circuit panel. The lamps can be driven with no dimming, or they can be dimmed en masse from the Power Router. The optional Drive Box is installed in the same foot print as the original fluorescent ballast. It contains a Power Line Carrier networking IC with a a unique IP address that enables fixture-based dimming. It also contains an energy metering device that can measure savings in real-time. It also contains RJ45 sockets that can host up to 4 sensors. Occupancy and ambient light sensors provide autonomic dimming. Adding temperature and other sensors can provide feedback to the HVAC. Other sensors can be added that support other building systems interoperability.


What makes the technology/business unique and have a defendable competitive advantage?: 

Eutricity is the only known company with an integrated solution that delivers lighting, controls, sensors, building systems interoperability energy network, and renewables and batteries integration in one cost effective package - using EXISTING building electrical wires. The Eu-Light is the only T8 LED replacements that don't require heat sinks or drivers - making it the most cost effective solution possible. The enabling technology is our patented Power Router that can perform real-time blending of grid AC and the DC from renewables and batteries, and convert them into 325/430VDC - delivered over existing electric wiring to loads. No inverters are needed to integrate the DC from the on-site renewables and batteries - lowering installation costs while maximizing efficiency, and enabling our concept of Supply Response. The Eu-Light can also use the existing wiring to create a common network platform for lighting control and scalable whole-building systems interoperability.

Describe in detail the technology used in the Project - Address the innovation in significant detail : 

Eu-Light is a 4’ X 1” PCB consisting of 3 strings of 100 LEDs wired in series, that draw 93 mA in total, so no heat sinks are needed. The only other components are 3 resistors, a bridge rectifier and a thermal fuse - housed in a clear/translucent T8 tube, so no drivers are needed. High voltage DC is distributed across long strings of low cost/low power/higher efficiency LEDs driven at optimum current ratings. The same strips of LEDs can also be re-configured into other application-specific luminaires. Eu-Lights draw 30W, but are 60% brighter than standard-driven 32W T8 lamps. When dimmed to the same brightness as a T8, they draw 17 watts = 40% energy savings. The Eu-Lights deliver flicker-less dimming down to 2%, and when coupled with sensor/network-based dimming - savings can approach 85%. Our PR delivers optimally efficient 99.9% PF power for up to 400 Eu-Lights, reducing power supply costs/lamp. The power line carrier lighting network enables whole-building systems interoperability

What are the principles of the technology? : 

-Optimal lumen/$ approach to LED lighting (Lower power supply costs, no heat sinks or driver costs, lower LED costs, lower fixture costs).
-Optimally efficient circuit-specific DC power grids distributed over existing building wiring blends grid AC, and on-site renewables generation and batteries enabling real-time shifting of power sources that feed both our DC lighting loads and various AC loads.
-Building Energy Network (BEN) formed over existing wiring that supports lighting control and whole-building system/device interoperability that responds to people, the environment, and markets.
-Fixture-level low-cost sensor network enabling whole-building systems interoperability.
-A comprehensive DoE-mandated open standard software platform linking disparate building systems and devices with the Smart Grid and related markets.
-3-D Building Information Management GUI that provides a real-time analysis and reporting of whole-building systems interaction.

What, if anything, has been proven (and how far is this from a commercial scale)? : 

The patented Power Router has been sold and used in various applications for over 10 years. It is ready for mass production; as is the Eu-Light. UL safety certification and Energy Star performance testing is required, but the systems were designed to meet or exceed all those requirements and acceptance is expected in about 4-6 months from funding; wherein we will begin trials. The Drive Box that enables the Power Line Carrier Building Energy Network lighting control is partially commercialized and can be completed in 6 months of funding.

What challenges/risk does the technology face for commercialization?: 

The core power and LED systems are physics-simple, and can be easily contract manufactured. The networking and sensor technology are off-the-shelf. The biggest challenge will come from coordinating existing networking protocols and software platforms, against new 'Internet of Things' software models and applications; and developing new web-based services for those capabilities.

Patent Numbers (Filed/Approved): 

After signing NDA.


Brent MarshCEO
Dan JacksonPresident
Zen KishimotoVP
Toby ConsidineVP
Ellen JamesCTO


Amount Sought: 
If raising funds, what shall the funds be used for?: 

Establish operations, begin contract manufacturing and compliance testing, team building, expand engineering, build inventory and grow sales nationally and internationally.

Funding Received to Date: 
Amount invested by Founders: 
Funding Stage: 


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