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Business Overview: 

Lynxstreet is a development stage company that has developed an online, intellectual property, auction website with an emphasis on eco-friendly, nano-tech, bio-tech and other high value patents that, in the past, have only been traded through conventional non-internet sources or dealt with through brokers. We believe we are poised to be the premier online, auction website devoted exclusively to changing the paradigm in how Intellectual Property (IP) is bought, sold and licensed. The Company’s platform has been created to be user friendly to the savvy seller or licensor of IP, whether a university, a corporation or individual inventor, as well as be equally intuitive and attentive to the due diligence and security needs of the buyer.

Project Type: 
Project Location: 
New York City, NY, 10176
United States
Services Desired: 
What is the Customer Pain that you are solving?: 

Lynxstreet believes it will fill a market void with an economical portal to provide a secure, online trading platform for IP. Our unique concept of trading in; Patents (in hundreds of categories and from worldwide countries patent offices), Patent-Pendings (to shortcut the research and development (R&D) timeline for commercialization by capitalizing on the inventors filings without the financial add-on of an issued patent), and Concepts (providing a way for inventors who are ‘patent filing challenged’) to sell their ideas to interested parties that normally would not be available to them).

What is the Target Market?: 

Why the Auction market for IP?
Everyone is aware of the eBay™ model of online auctions. Since 1996 this auction giant has dominated every category of auction. The way IP is marketed now is mainly through IP Brokers and online Bulletin Boards and/or Marketplaces. The Company believes the online live auction model with accomplish a number of things:
• Establish a real time valuation for IP
• Provide alternate means to Buy and Sell IP
• Shorten the selling time
• Establish a marketplace for other than Patents, i.e.: Patents-Pending Concepts, Copyrights and Trademarks
• Provide a alternative for the individual inventors to bring their inventions to the marketplace for sale or license

Sales/Marketing Strategy: 

Lynxstreet plans a four pronged approach to attract our targeted customer base, i.e., universities, corporations and individual investors, and potential buyers who need to be made aware of the available Intellectual Property. Colleges and Universities, Corporations, Individual Inventors, Buyers


Patent Numbers (Filed/Approved): 

The patent-pending website www.lynxstreet.com boasts several innovative attributes that will change the way IP (patents, patents-pending and concepts) are traded in the marketplace. Patent counsel, on Lynxstreet’s website based ‘webinar’ touts the benefits of Lynxstreet’s ability to leverage its online, open market efficiencies of the auction market in trading IP. Our novel and patent-pending Due Diligence and Collaboration ‘Chat Rooms,’ will allow a buyer and seller to communicate in ‘real time’ with patent counsel, and/or other interested parties in attendance to instigate and consummate a deal, and to have a ‘real time’ fee based, transcription of the conversations for the benefit of all parties.


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Amount Sought: 


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