Ground Floor Opportunity Fund QuicknGreen All Natural Convenience Stores!!


Lenard Kritchman Thu, 2012-05-10 14:28

Lenard Kritchman · Thu, 05/10/2012 - 14:28


Business Overview: 

It's a hybrid: The Convenience Store & The Natural Food Store & The Coffee Roasting business's all with a green conscience. Awareness by American consumers of the importance of “going green” has become a conscious way of life, presenting a unique opportunity to create a model of natural food convenience stores to provide earth-friendly edible food and other goods.  Today’s busy lifestyle in which there is not enough time in the day means that convenience truly matters, leading to the simple yet unique concept of an all-natural convenience store.

Project Location: 
Manhattan NYC, NY, 10013
United States
What are your future milestones, and how much capital will you need to achieve each of the milestones outlined?: 

We are looking for three rounds of convertible debt ownership equity financing. For the first round we are looking to raise $500,000.00 which will allow us to open 2 stores.  By the end of the 3rd year we will have 30 stores.

What is your total and operating cash burn (the amount you're spending) per month? : 
  1. 1) COS  $86,250.00


2) Fixed Expenses $21,100.00


3) Other Expenses $8,044.00


4) Net $17,111.00/month/store

How many future rounds of financing do you project? : 

3 rounds of financing all together. That will give us 30 stores profiting through out the 5 boroughs.

Services Desired: 
Human Capital/Recruiting
Capital Broker/Dealer
Who is the Customer?: 

What will make the Quick n’ Green shopping experience so gratifying will be the convenience of the location, paired with the ability of the consumer to purchase natural or organic core items such as bread, milk, butter and eggs. In today’s world, convenience truly matters.

The natural food industry has enjoyed explosive growth for over a decade.  Whole Foods and  

What is the Customer Pain that you are solving?: 

As mentioned above we are creating a stress less,knowledgeable, shopping experience that will be on a first name basis with the consume. It is my goal that no one should go to bed hungry. When time and money allow, every community that houses a QnG will also have a free soup kitchen which we will create, or I will create. Who is to say what one should do with their money. I believe in living simply so that others may simply live.

Names of any current or recent customers: 

I have run and built grocery and natural food stores my whole life. This is a startup. Ready to go.  Please look at my website there is a link to a full business plan and I have financials to back it up. Retail runs through my veins.

What is the Target Market?: 

The target market is anyone who wants a lotto ticket.

Anyone who want coffee that will rival Starbucks.

Anyone passing on the street

Anyone with a green conscience.

The truth is it cost no more money to buy a Knudsen 100% fruit juice soda then a coca cola. That's what I am talking about. The all natural 7-11 with a conscience.

How big is the Target Market in terms of Annual Sales?: 
Sales/Marketing Strategy: 

The coconut wireless. Word of mouth. Ecommerce, direct mailing. Sories about us in papers. This is a new concept. It was devised by me for it's ease of operation and rapid growth potential. Sms advertising. My wheel of fortune a concept to keep people coming back.  This is a very unique opportunity and it is about evolution. People and our planet cannot last the way it has.  Look at the economy and know that without a healthy environment there cannot be a healthy economy. We must evolve and it all starts with what you eat and the products you use.


Convenience stores. Whole Paycheck but none fill our niche.

One-line Pitch: 

In today's world where there just isn't enough time in the day, convenience truly Matters!

Business Model: 

As said look at any 7-11 turn it natural and organic, give it a conscience and thats us.

Product/Services Overview (what does it do): 

All top selling natural and organic products by department. Everything else you could expect to by in a convenience store but natural and or organic .





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