mIT&tIT - measureIT & transferIT - global measurement service and live presentation of any kind of data

Adam Lebiedowski Fri, 2010-09-10 11:47

Adam Lebiedowski · Fri, 09/10/2010 - 11:47


Business Overview: 

All kind of the physical data can be measured, transfered, stored and presented in the live mode.
This is the service - not the product. We want to commercial the service, hired on demand by the customers, and tailored for their particular needs.

Project Type: 
Project Location: 
Madrid, MD, 28020
What are your future milestones, and how much capital will you need to achieve each of the milestones outlined?: 

1. Improvement of the prototypes (10%)
2. Acquisition of the materials for the first 100 units (60%)
3. Commercial lunching (30%)

What is your total and operating cash burn (the amount you're spending) per month? : 


How many future rounds of financing do you project? : 


Services Desired: 
Technology Consultant
Real Estate
Supply Chain/Distribution
Who is the Customer?: 

All kind of the physical data can be measured, transfered, stored and presented in the live mode.
So there is no limit for the product application.

What is the Customer Pain that you are solving?: 

Giving the live access to the measured values, customers will be able to see current status of the physical phenomena being monitored as well as past events.

What is the Target Market?: 

Any market, also including renewable energy, just like seen on the demo site: http://mittit.zxq.net/

How big is the Target Market in terms of Annual Sales?: 
< $10M
Sales/Marketing Strategy: 

The idea is to offer the service - not the product it self. Customer will rent/hire a measurment service with live data presentation and access to the historic events/data.

Provide use cases : 

What Can Be Connected...
Sound Level Meter
Solar Radiation Sensor
Medical Equipment

Possible Applications
Wind Speed
Atmospheric Pressure
Noise Pollution
Location Tracking
Water Level Monitoring
Road Traffic Monitoring
Grid Monitoring
Restricted Area Access Monitoring

One-line Pitch: 

measureIT, transferIT & seeIT!

Business Model: 

Selling the service related with the remote measurement, not the device which is performing the measurement!

Product/Services Overview (what does it do): 

Collects any kind of data, transfers it and gives live access to it.
Example on the demo site: http://mittit.zxq.net/


What makes the technology/business unique and have a defendable competitive advantage?: 

Its flexibility, as almost anything can be measured!!!
It's a worldwide use product - as long as the mobile network coverage exists.

Describe in detail the technology used in the Project - Address the innovation in significant detail : 

An unique combination of some IT technology like SQL, Java, Web Hosting, PHP, with the telecom data protocols related with mobile networks and local connectivity like Bluetooth.

What are the principles of the technology? : 

Gathering, transferring, storing, and presentation of the data related to the physical phenomenas or events.

Patent Numbers (Filed/Approved): 

Once development ends, some particular techniques used may be patented.


Adam LebiedowskiOther
Current Investors: 
Adam Lebiedowski


Amount Sought: 
If raising funds, what shall the funds be used for?: 

Development and improvement of existing prototypes.
Beta testings of the prototypes (in the field and lab).
Acquisition of new materials for the commercial lunching of the product.

Amount invested by Founders: 
Funding Stage: 


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