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Ricky Valladares · Tue, 07/12/2011 - 17:54


Business Overview: 

Seeking entrepreneur investor/s, PREFERABLY BASED IN AUSTRALIA!! looking for business oppportunities in Australia, to come into a percentage partnership for our new Australia made, unique, high grade waterless, eco-friendly, waste bin sanitiser and deodoriser prodiuct. https://www.facebook.com/SmallBusinessForum#!/pages/The-Waterless-Waste-Bin-Sanitiser-Deodorizer/192963890727795

We seek from $3000,000.00+

Project Location: 
Sydney, NSW, 2195
What are your future milestones, and how much capital will you need to achieve each of the milestones outlined?: 

Legal, sales/marketing/promotion, Office & warehouse premise leasing, manufacturing, stationary, furniture and equipment, annual wages including superannuation for business developer/operation manager, sales person/marketer, the principals ( two ), receptionist/admin ( one or two ). So, we seek between $3 - 10 Million+ to buy into partnership but expenses are separate once new company is set up, covered by all partners. Meaning the other party partners will cover 50% expenses on top of that amount sought by us, after partnership and company is set up.

How many future rounds of financing do you project? : 

Not known yet. We are hoping that the first funds provided will be enough as after expenses are covered by all parties involved in the partnership and revenues/profits are intended to be used to keep going with company's operation.

Services Desired: 
Management Consultant
Legal-Intellectual Property
Supply Chain/Distribution
Who is the Customer?: 

Any one that has waste bins. Product has applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It can be sold as a product to consumers or service can be done with it.

What is the Customer Pain that you are solving?: 

The time consumed to wash / clean waste bins, the money they spend on water bill, detergent expenses, labour done when washing the waste bins and the stench that still stays on waste bins for long periods of time. It is only spray and leave with this product and then it does the rest.

Names of any current or recent customers: 

Residential, commercial and industrial individuals and entities owning or having waste bins of any kind plus garbage collection trucks, worldwide.

What is the Target Market?: 

Residential, commercial and industrial individuals and entities owning or having waste bins of any kind plus garbage collection trucks, worldwide.

How big is the Target Market in terms of Annual Sales?: 
Sales/Marketing Strategy: 

One or two sales people will be contracted or hired who would operate from premise and off premise. They would action all type of sales strategies and methods but their main roles would be to contact retailers and the like.

Site Re-direction/referral commission programs and direct sales would also be considered for other people to be involved as well to generate revenues this way too.

It would be sold or put through as a product either via nation and world wide distribution, retail, direct sales channels or all of the above and/or a service can be provided with it too.

The product has applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors for waste/garbage bins only including dapmsters, garbage collection trucks.

Mainly press release or/and public relations would be used as marketing strategy to make this product known quickly and effectively, to everyone nation and world wide.

Provide use cases : 

Will discuss after we're contacted and is in Product summary Biz plan.


None, it is unique formula product.

One-line Pitch: 

Australian made unique formula Waterless, eco-friendly waste bin sanitiser & deodouriser.

Business Model: 

A new company will be started and set up with new partners for this product line. It is intended to consist of main corporate office, warehouse where the product will be kept and dispatched from and possibly have its own manufacturer. If manufacturing is not possible, it will be done via contract manufacturing with another manufacturer that's specialize in similar products. More products in the similar category, may be added but there is also the possibility to sell off this new company after the year or two years of successful operation.

Product/Services Overview (what does it do): 

- “Keeps your bin coated, clean and insect free”
- Cuts usage of water.
- Eliminates the build up of waste, by breaking it down.
When the bin is next emptied, the build up is discarded with the bin’s contents.
- Keeps insects from building their homes / insect repellantReduces dirty water run off into gutter system wastage (wastewater including residual chemicals, materials removed from the target surfaces, and mains water containing chemicals such as chlorine.) – Penalties Apply as this pollutes stormwater
- Cleans dirty bins / Creates a protective / non stick coating ( Solids – typically including paper, garden refuse, food product wastes, sediment (organic and inorganic), animal and bird faeces, and general rubbish like rubbish like plastic bags) – Penalties Apply as this pollutes stormwater
- Deodorizes smelly bins
- Reduces the reliance on chemicals / enviro friendly


What makes the technology/business unique and have a defendable competitive advantage?: 

Australian made of "UNIQUE FORMULA" waterless, HI GRADE, eco-friendly waste bin sanitiser and deodourizer. The only product of the kind worldwide.

There is nothing like it in the whole world, it is unique. It has a big and long term market for there are waste bins, rubbish collection trucks, waste dumpsters and the like worldwide, it falls into a multi billion dollar market and it has applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. It can be retailed or a service can be provided with it.

Describe in detail the technology used in the Project - Address the innovation in significant detail : 


What are the principles of the technology? : 


What, if anything, has been proven (and how far is this from a commercial scale)? : 


What challenges/risk does the technology face for commercialization?: 


Patent Numbers (Filed/Approved): 



Salvador E Valladares ( Ricky )DIRECTOR


Amount Sought: 
If raising funds, what shall the funds be used for?: 

Marketing/Promotion, wages 2 Principals/directors, 1 business developer/operations manager or / and CEO, 1 Sales/marketer, Manufacturing/production, stationary & office equipment.

So, we seek between $3 - 10 million or more as a buy in to a partnership by an investor or entrepreneur.

Funding Stage: 



CAPSTONE INVESTMENT ADVISORS (UK), LLP has been a leader in the venture capital arena since 2007 it was incorporated. Our focus is on rapidly growing world companies, where new technology can fundamentally change the way people conduct business or enjoy their lifestyles.


Our extensive experience in the venture capital field helps ensure that all of our investors partake in unique opportunities, otherwise available only to high net worth and institutional investors. By investing in both private and public companies in sectors like alternative power, water, organic and natural foods, and environmental technologies we are able to tap into the growing demand for environmentally superior products and services. We believe that investing in the environmental economy helps build companies that matter, but success is providing superior returns to our investors.


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John D. Warren



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