Waste to fuel/fertilizer/clean water Company looking for funding


Katherine Makinney Wed, 2010-01-13 13:40

Katherine Makinney · Wed, 01/13/2010 - 14:40


Business Overview: 

A game changing clean energy provider based in Minneapolis, MN. The Company’s international patents, proprietary processes, strategic alliances and 25 year exclusive site agreements represent a sustainable competitive advantage. Using realistic assumptions, EBITDA is projected to exceed $48mm within five years. This company's patented NBC™ process is so compelling that three Fortune 500 food processing companies have agreed to underwrite their plants. They are raising $5 million for working capital purposes. Over 12 additional NBC™ facilities are in the pipeline.

Project Type: 
Project Location: 
Century City, CA, 90067
United States
Services Desired: 


Describe in detail the technology used in the Project - Address the innovation in significant detail : 

• NBC: converts organic waste to clean energy, organic fertilizer and clean water.
• RGL: a highly efficient ‘NextGen’ bio-fuel production platform.
• Bio-Quest: a patented carbon capture and storage technology for greenhouse gas reduction.



Amount Sought: 


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