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Alex Mokover · Fri, 09/23/2011 - 11:26
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Green Business & Support

OnGreen Project Manager
OnGreen, the global clearinghouse and marketplace for clean technologies, is looking for a freakishly efficient Business Project Manager to lead implementation of a wide range of business initiatives.
As covered in TechCrunch, VentureBeat and other top publications, OnGreen is a venture-backed, White House-recognized, LA-based, cricket-playing, overworking, Turntable.fm-blasting start-up that drives partners and capital to the most promising clean technologies and companies worldwide, transforming today’s environmental challenges into future economic advancement.  OnGreen also has offices in Shanghai.  
We are currently seeking an insanely organized, driven PM to strategize, implement and oversee projects relating to events, high-touch client outreach, broader marketing, internationalization, financial reporting, investor presentations and other various and sundry areas.  Our web site is at the core of our business, so you may be involved in web development, but that will not be the main focus of this job.  No, the main focus is to wrangle the many initiatives that come stampeding toward you from all directions, helping define, prioritize and execute on them.

The position will report to the COO of the company.
Principal Responsibilities:

  • Capturing and documenting business requirements.
  • Researching and reporting on different approaches.
  • Maintaining project plans and overview of current projects.
  • Working with outside vendors and/or partners.
  • Building and managing to project budgets.
  • Lead in-house management of Demo Days, Roadshows and other events.
  • Reporting on performance of projects vs their success metrics.
  • Coordinating projects across the U.S. and China -- and potentially other countries in the coming months.

Qualifications and Experience 

  • Working in a start-up environment.
  • Working across different company departments and offices.
  • Sourcing and managing vendors internationally.
  • China experience and Mandarin fluency are big advantages.
  • Facility w/project management tools: MS Project or at least Excel.
  • Working closely with tech teams.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Strong analytic skills to validate strong instincts.
  • Humility and sense of humor.
  • Infectious energy and enthusiasm.
  • A passion for helping build the green economy one deal at a time.
  • Must be full-time and work from LA office.  No relocation offered.


Compensation:  salary + stock options, based on experience
If you are interested, please send an email to: careers@ongreen.com with the following:

  • Resume or OnGreen profile URL (recommended: Create your free profile here: http://www.ongreen.com/user/join ) 
  • Cover letter/message
  • List of Top 5 favorite bands of all time


More about the company:
OnGreen is an online/offline network connecting the world’s best cleantech innovators with investors and partners from around the world.   We use our website, personal network and matching events to bring together key players in the fragmented global green economy.

The process starts with our website, www.ongreen.com, where companies post standardized profiles and funding requests and then network with investors, experts and other industry leaders who can help them grow their business.   We have organized the Green Economy into 240 specific categories, so we are able to match members based on their particular niche and interests.

We’ve made good progress since launching in July 2010.  Here are some key success metrics.

  • 300+ companies posting funding requests from 35 countries.
  • 80,000 cleantech patents categorized and searchable in our database.
  • $2.2 billion in total funding requests.
  • 18,000 unique visitors per month.
  • 50% investor contact rate – 2-3 contacts per company.
  • 10 demo and/or matching events in last 12 months.


We work with federal and local governments to facilitate cleantech development.

  • In June 2011 President Obama’s Office of Science and Technology praised OnGreen for “accelerating innovation.”
  • In the U.S., we’ve hosted events with everyone from the City of Los Angeles to the US Patent & Trademark Office.
  • In China, we’re partners with the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu, China’s 2nd-wealthiest province, as well as with three of the leading technology parks around Shanghai.


Helped by our Shanghai-based investors, we have established OnGreen as a bridge between Chinese capital and foreign (mainly U.S.) innovation.  Recent highlights:

  • August 2011:  Led 19 American, Canadian and European entrepreneurs on China Capital Roadshow, matching them with 60+ potential investors and partners in Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou.  1 partner MOU so far, 4-5 pending.
  • May: OnGreen start-ups met in 1:1 matching sessions with investors from Jiangsu province and Hong Kong in Boston and Los Angeles.
  • April: Several OnGreen start-ups pitched a delegation of investors from the Zhejiang province at UCLA’s Office of Intellectual Property.  
  • March: Investors from Jiangsu province viewed demos by start-ups at OnGreen’s launch party at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood.


Los Angeles, CA, 90025
United States
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