Chemical Engineer with Cosmetic background

jeni saeyang · Wed, 03/21/2012 - 07:31
Company name:
Green Products & Production

Must have knowledge of cosmetics ingredients and formulation and have experience or interest in "green", "eco" and "natural" cosmetics formulation.Must be able to research ingredient sources, check MSDS and have basic knowledge of all aspects of natural cosmetics.Must be reliable, able to keep production datelines, keep good working relationship with our factories.Must have a burning desire to be involved with a green business that will require extra research and learning. Must be able to think outside the box and go the extra length in our search for constant improvement.Must be extremely neat and organised and able to compile work reports and research reports on ingredients.Must have at least 2 year working experience in the cosmetics industry with a reputable brand.

Shanghai, 31, 200031
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