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Clean Technology Evangelist


The basic information about the Evangelist position is contained in the information presented here. Considering your position we can negotiate and adjust any quota based info while keeping the bonuses. The definition of a member and customer are:


Members: Business that provide clean, efficient solutions through either product or delivery of services. Members are the primary funding source of the Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA).


Customers: Businesses, organizations or individuals seeking clean, efficient solutions. Members can be, and often are, customers. Basic solution research and reporting for customers is free, however customers that require dedicated resources can purchase service level agreements on an annual basis.

We are funded by the Evangelists and pay Evangelists based on membership.


The Position Description: Clean Technology Evangelist

We use the word evangelist because this person is responsible for recruiting new members and spreading the word about our work to promote clean technology. The job is related to sales and training, but has specific skills related to technology marketing and convincing a potential buyer or user to change from older processes to newer more sustainable, efficient and profitable methods.

The Evangelist identifies new clean technology providers and recruits them so that they can participate in our growing marketplace. The Evangelist attempts to build a critical mass for the adoption of sustainable solutions by business. An evangelist promotes the use of member technology, products and services through needs relationship building and needs assessment.


The Particulars

This is a 100% commission position for up to the first year. The successful candidates will receive 50% of the first 10 memberships brought in every month. A membership is $2000, so that is a potential of $10,000 per month. At the end of 6 months the evangelist is expected to recruit 20 members a month. The Evangelist will receive additional bonuses of 25% of all members recruited past the 20 mark. CTTA will provide researched leads, marketing support and a CRM account along with clear parameters of a successful engagement, training and support.

A successful candidate must be able to develop long term relationships with member and customer businesses and organizations. A successful candidate must know when to say no and when to say yes. The Evangelist position starts by recruiting members and will transition to recruiting customers and training new Evangelists after six months of successfully meeting the quota of 20 members a month. At that time the position will become salaried at $120,000 per year with bonuses for providing successful deals for our members.


After successfully meeting of targets for 90 consecutive days and training of replacement, 90 days, this position will transition to a full time salaried position of $120,000 per year and the Evangelist’s goals will transition to a customer focus. The customer focus will increase CTTA’s ability recruit members and increase revenue and pay scales will reflect this. However the customer track has its own incentive process. For every corporation, organization or agency that signs an Service Level Agreement with CTTA for dedicated; research, analysis and reporting services, the Evangelist will receive 5% that will repeat every time that the agreement is renewed.

CTTA will supply a phone and access to appropriate tools, well researched leads and materials when they are established in the first quarter of 2012.



 Job: Clean Technology Evangelist

 Job Description: Recruit Member businesses for the Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA) and recruit customers for CTTA members.

 Initial Remuneration: Evangelist will receive 50% of the first ten memberships each month with a goal of reaching a minimum of twenty a month after six months. An additional 25% will be paid on all memberships over twenty in a one month period. If an agreement is reached with a customer for dedicated resources the Evangelist will receive a 5% commission with a reoccurring commission for every time the agreement is continued.

 Advancement: After three months (90 days) of consecutively meeting goals and successfully training their replacement the Evangelist will become salaried at a base of $120,000 per year and will transition from a member focus to a customer focus where they will continue to receive the agreement commission of 5% and renewal bonus.



Until point of transition Clean Technology Evangelist will be paid as a contractor and will receive a 1099 form, U.S. only, appropriate forms will be obtained in other countries.

Qualifying traits of a successful CTTA Evangelist:

 Passion about sustainability and clean technology

 Passion about CTTA and its mission

 Complete understanding of CTTA’s value to customers and members and a proven ability to communicate complex concepts clearly to a wide variety of people

 Proven history of relationship sales with references

 The ability, to ask questions, seek assistance and to be honest with yourself and others

 Problem solving skills

 A strong need to help get needs met starting with your own

 A drive for lifelong learning an discovery


Send Resumes and brief description on why tou want this job to:



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United States
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