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Organic Mechanic · Mon, 10/31/2011 - 14:42
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Hello, Good day.

I am writing as the Founder & CEO of Organic Mechanic, a company focused on providing access to the best energy technologies and sustainability solutions. I am searching for a bright driven person with entrepreneurial business experience to help us grow by becoming the President of the company. Your primary areas of responsibility will be Sales & Operations, which are detailed below. This company has been constructed over 6 years and this experience has built systems that basically I need a partner's help to work with in order to make it run better. There is a strong foundation for growth -- it will be up to you to turn more of our present and increased interest into sales, to make sure that the orders ship out on time, and to pursue new business to business relationships to sell more volume orders. Here is a list with general descriptions of the responsibilities:

1. Head of Sales – improve sales rate by developing sales department. Ultimately responsible for positive sales results from all interest sources - emails, calls, and chats. Be in charge of B2B program to increase volume of sales. You may handle all of the sales interest yourself, and/or add additional team members however you prefer. The results of these team members will be yours, so provide them direction, coaching, and education to succeed. Handle situations if ever a customer or supplier requires special attention for whatever reason. Sales support sometimes includes questions answered after the sale.

2. Operations - Look over logistics to make sure that all items are ordered from suppliers correctly and that customers are made aware of the status of their orders. This process is on the way of being mostly automated through software processes, and you will be ultimately responsible that it is working as it is supposed to - that orders are indeed shipping on time or that some adjustment is made to the ordering system whenever necessary. The CEO will assist to make this system operational so that you can focus on sales as much as possible. Make decisions & changes for company system to work more effectively, or recommend for them when they are in another area of the business. In general act as an owner developing an asset, a lasting company with a meaningful impact on the world; do whatever it takes to make this business the best one you can imagine.

CompanyThe Organic Mechanic brand was created in 2006, first as an innovator, manufacturer, and sometimes installer of biofuel equipment which allow diesels to be fueled with vegetable oil. This business model at the time faced challenges to growth, so we changed gears to something with lower overhead and higher impact and diversity. Therefore during the past 3.5 years OM's business system has evolved to become a distributor of a large variety of high quality green technologies.What makes OM unique is product selection and catalog depth, online marketing and branding advantages, quality of resources and support, and a unique software system integrated into the website called the energy profile system (which is in the process of being assembled.) It will allow a person to see how much they are spending on energy and their effect on the environment while comparing it to others, plus to see their ROI for each solutions based on their particular situation.


You will receive 20% of the net income the company generates, (after cost of goods sold and transaction fees.) Your share of income will also include the sales generated from the website automatically. You will also be given the option to vest these profits, and/or to invest if interested, to purchase equity in the company.The current net income is between $1,000-$1,500 per month, however it may fluctuate. OM has plans in place to increase this scale by 10-20 within the next 12-24 months, making use of dramatic increases in traffic due to vastly improved search engine optimization, social media, new marketplaces, exciting new product lines, and effective email campaigns. Our plan includes to expand by 10-20 or more again within 4-5 years from today. The sky is the limit, and your sales skills will be an important part of our growth. If you require a salary instead of being able to accept this percentage, the company will have to raise money for it. OM is in the process of this, however there is no guarantee of when this will be possible. If you are able to create access to this capital, you are welcome to it. If you are willing to invest yourself or to use your credit, it can equate to purchasing equity in the company, or into attractive return on investment, depending on the arrangement reached.Your QualitiesThe most qualifying elements you have are experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and alternative energy technology. You have a comfort with email, web research, google docs and technology in general. You should be self-motivated, driven to succeed, a team player, and an excellent communicator. You should be confident, friendly, organized and honest. You should be able to operate efficiently and do what is right without constant oversight, and to be willing to do what is hard or tedious if it is ever necessary. If you do not have any of these qualities, however believe you are still the right fit - let us know why. If you have skills and experiences in other areas, let us know, as it may improve your chances of being chosen.I agree with these qualities as being essential in a partner: http://onstartups.com/tabid/3339/bid/68846/Choosing-A-Minimally-Viable-Co-Founder.aspxWhy & HowOrganic Mechanic is positioned to become the go-to brand for green solutions. OM will be a revolutionary player in helping to bring in an age of personal energy - which is more secure, affordable, and environmental. There are many exciting opportunities in the pipeline and in the plans, which will continue to establish OM as an innovative, mission driven, trustworthy all-in-one supplier of the best green solutions. OM will be a giant company, which requires strong cofounders.If you are interested in this opportunity, please email a cover letter about why you are right for the partnership, and include a resume with your contact information. I will be in touch with you about your application, and to arrange a phone call to discuss further and to answer any of your questions.Thanks for your consideration - looking forward to working with you soon!Christopher


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