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Organic Mechanic · Mon, 10/31/2011 - 15:00
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Organic Mechanic is looking for a Programmer Partnership -Do you want to help build something meaningful that will make you money?Organic Mechanic is a company providing people access to the best energy and sustainability technologies. Through OrganicMechanic.com OM offers green technology solutions in the fields of Electricity, Transportation and Agriculture, so that a person can become energy independent and sustainable while saving a lot of money and significantly improving their environmental impact.OM has been an e-commerce company for 6 years and is now looking for a partnership with a firm or individual who can handle the programming aspects of a new website project. It is called the Energy Profile System and will show people how they can save the most and which solutions are best for them. You will operate remotely from your own high speed internet and will communicate directly with the Founder of OM through email and phone. All of the content, marketing, operations, sales and support of the website and supporting business are taken care of by the rest of the team. Your part will be to work on the website development, with creative input and direction from the Founder of the company. Much of the data for this has been located and it will require someone who is comfortable with using databases to make easy to use web apps. More details will be provided to candidates who apply.This is a real opportunity to be a part of building something unique and revolutionary, while at the same time creating an ongoing cash machine with a team of dedicated good people. It is not a get rich quick idea however there is a solid 4 year foundation for this business model and brand, a strong system supporting it, and with 4 people who just joined the marketing team and a powerful strategy going forward we expect to experience at least 10-20x growth in the next 12-18 months.The compensation for this offer is to receive 10% of the net income from sales through the site, which is the money that is made after the products are shipped and associated transaction fees are paid. This is how all of the other partners in the venture are being compensated. For your reference, here is how the net income will be distributed:10% Website (You)10% Operations20% Marketing20% Sales/Support20% Founder20% Finance (CFO, Savings, Investors, Reinvestment)Your 10% compensation will begin once the initial version of the Energy Profile System launches. If after a period of 6 months you are still involved with developing the system to the company's satisfaction, you will be offered equity in the company to stay on and continue to develop. You will operate remotely from your own high speed internet and will communicate with the Founder of OM through email and phone. To begin working, the Founder will provide an outline and proposed milestones for the Energy Profile System, including research, data resources, and references. You will work with the Founder to determine how long it will take to implement each feature of the system. The goal is to make the 'minimum effective dose' version first, which is the most simple version that is still useful to people, and then to continue to add in features to increase accuracy and functionality. The better the system gets the more it will help to increase interest and sales. OM will launch press releases and marketing campaigns when significantly new versions of the system launch.Two conditions of working with OM are 1) Confidentiality - that you will not share or use any information about OM or it's plans, and 2) Non-Compete - you agree not to go into business or work for someone in the area of green technology, online or in person, while working with OM and for 6 months after.If you are interested to work on this project, write an email to Office@OrganicMechanic.com with your resume and links to projects and apps you have worked on. Include with your email a statement explaining why you believe you are the best candidate for the partnership.Thank you for your consideration. We are excited to hear from you! Enjoy your day,Christopher Kindig Founder, CEO


Wilmington, DE, 19801-2230
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