AquaSpark Ltd. Wastewater treatment using new "Spark" Technology in a technological complex based on elctrochemical know-how.

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AquaSpark offers integrated complexes systems for wastewater treatment based on state-of-the-art technologies combined with its innovative Spark technology that enable re-use of treated wastewater or their disposal to the municipal sewage system.
AquaSpark's main offering is based on unique technology developed by Professor Aaron Kitayev, a physician with vast technological and managerial experience in the fields of water treatment, ecology and engineering.

AquaSpark has achieved proof of concept by demonstrating practical and cost efficient treatment of wastewater in winery- and textile dyeing-related processes.
How It Works
AquaSpark’s BLTT technology is based on the phenomenon of a reaction characteristic of water under certain physical conditions, specifically exposure to high electric currents passing through the water.

AquaSpark System Deployment

When AquaSpark’s system exposes wastewater to high electric currents, a reaction is triggered, resulting in the disintegration of organic matter present in the water, and in the dissolution of this matter into a gaseous state.
The residual water is then sufficiently “clean”, as per regulatory standards, to safely be discharged into communal sewage facilities.

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