California Clean Energy Startup Announces "Project Polar Bear" Arctic Study with Indiegogo Project

Submitted By: Ed De Reyes · Thu, 04/26/2012 - 00:14
Venice, CA, 90291
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Project Polar Bear
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Venice, California – Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc., a Southern California renewable energy / clean energy startup has announced the launching of a project to help clean and restore the delicate the Arctic ecosystem. Called “Project Polar Bear”, the project aims to replace 12 gasoline/diesel electric generators used in remote oil wells above the Arctic Circle with clean, maintenance-free, renewable energy power generators. Each year, operators burn tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline and diesel to produce electricity for their remote oil wells in the Arctic, and in the process dump thousands of tons of carbon and greenhouse gases into environmentally sensitive areas through the operation of thousands of petroleum-powered generators.“Remote oil well operators have few choices when it comes to generating power for their wells,” said Ed De Reyes, Chief Technology Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer of Nitro-Turbodyne. “During the winter, there is so little sun that solar panels just don’t work very well. The wind is either too strong or not strong enough, so windmills don’t work very well, either,” he continued, “Both solar and wind need to store their energy to batteries – and batteries are easily destroyed by sub-zero temperatures. Fuel cells don’t do well sub-zero temperatures, so they’re not a likely candidate for replacing ‘burners’ (power generators that burn fossil fuel) – and they’re much too expensive to deploy in large numbers,” he said. “Add to the fact that ‘burning’ generators add extra heat to an ecosystem that was never meant to be heated during the winter, and the damage is further increased,” De Reyes stated.De Reyes said that Nitro-Turbodyne is turning to Indiegogo to deploy their technology for producing clean, quiet, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly electrical power in one of the harshest environments in the world – above the Arctic Circle. The study is designed to provide remote well operators with a clear alternative to gross-polluting gas-burning generators, and to prove to operators that they have another choice when it comes to power generation. “With Indiegogo funding of the study, we’ll be deploying 12 test units during the winter of 2012-2013 in an area above the Arctic Circle,” he explained. “We’ll be deploying them at actual well sites where possible, and running them at maximum loads for the entire winter.”“Indiegogo has been a place where artists, engineers and progressive thinkers have funded impressive and world-changing projects. We know that with the help of Indiegogo we can prove to well operators in remote wildernesses – even in the most extreme of environments - that they have an alternative to their pollution-intensive generators – and they can, in turn, help to preserve one of the most sensitive ecosystems on Earth,” De Reyes said. “Climate change issues showed up early and most clearly in the Arctic…so what better place for us to start than where we’re seeing the most need for help.”The company’s signature product – known as the Remote Instrumentation Power Generation Unit (RIPGU) is designed to provide instrumentation power to completed oil wells, geophysical observatories or instrumentation packages in environments that are “unfriendly” – areas where the weather is too harsh for other power production technologies, or where the ecosystem is too sensitive for gasoline or diesel burning electric generators. The RIPGUs are entirely carbon-neutral in construction and zero-emission in operation, and are specifically designed to have a minimal impact on any environment – right down to the color that they are painted. The units are maintenance free, and use absolutely no volatile liquids or gases, and do not require any coolant fluid to operate. They run quietly and have no thermal signature, allowing them to produce electric power without disturbing the sensitive tundra or life that is part of this delicate ecosystem. Most importantly, the units can operate in environments that are too harsh for solar panels, windmills or fuel cells - and because they're inexpensive to manufacture and use inexpensive, renewable fuel, they are best suited for any environment where power generation is needed.You can help prove the new technology to remote well operators – and help deploy the units by visiting Nitro-Turbodyne’s Indiegogo page. You can contact Nitro-Turbodyne toll-free at 888-260-3766 or by going to their website. Follow Nitro-Turbodyne on Facebook or Twitter

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