California Cleantech Startup Completes Round Two - Nova Scotia Cleantech Open

Submitted By: Ed De Reyes · Wed, 02/22/2012 - 19:49
Halifax, NS, B3J 3N4
Nova Scotia Cleantech Open
Renewables & Environment

Venice, California (PRBuzz.com) February 22, 2012 -- Clean-tech startup Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc. has returned from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada after competing in the Nova Scotia Cleantech Open.

"It was a tough competition - with lots of great competitors," said Ed De Reyes, Chief Technology Officer. "There were some excellent technologies represented there, De Reyes continued.


Hosted by Innovacorp, the Nova Scotia Cleantech Open was started in 2011 to bring new and innovative industries and technologies into the province. Executive summaries for the Nova Scotia's first Cleantech Open were submitted by November 15, 2011. Out of 65 submissions from the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and China, ten winners of Round 1 were announced on December 1, 2011 - of which Nitro-Turbodyne was one. A business plan was due February 1, 2012, and the final round - the pitch - was presented in person at the Innovacorp offices in Halifax. Final announcement about the winner of the Cleantech Open will be made on April 3, 2012.


De Reyes said that there were a number of highly innovative companies already under Innovacorp's roof - companies like CarbonCure Technologies that has developed advanced technology for carbon sequestration while building stronger concrete. "You can only imagine how honored we were to be able to present our technology, our company and our pitch to the good people of Innovacorp," stated De Reyes.


De Reyes went on to say that, "...(T)here were all types of very exciting technologies: algae bioreactors, tidal turbines, hydro-electric generators, LED designers and even an electric motorcycle manufacturer - all with very interesting designs," he said.


When questioned about his thoughts on being chosen the winner in April, given all the tough competition, De Reyes stated, "Of course, we're very optimistic. We believe that our technology showed the most promise and the most benefit for Nova Scotia. I wish we had more time to present our company, but I believe we did a good job," he said. "Our company slogan is 'We go where no solar cell, fuel cell, windmill or internal combustion motor dares to go'...and that is true both literally and figuratively."


"Not only is our technology able to withstand temperature and climate extremes better than any other technology...but it also lends itself well to applications far beyond our launch product (the Remote Instrumentation Power Generation or "RIPGU"), De Reyes said, "You really can't put a windmill or solar cell on a vehicle - and fuel cell vehicles are great, but they're still very expensive and use highly explosive fuels to make them work. Even biofuels require burning in an internal combustion engine of some kind in order to derive work, and that burning process is a contributory element to climate change. I believe that the panel of judges to whom we presented our pitch will see that that our technology is the best fit for Nova Scotia," De Reyes explained.  


"I firmly believe that what we're talking about here are a lot of jobs - more than windmills or solar cells or biofuels - added to the Nova Scotia economy when we are running at full capacity...and ultimately, I believe that's what any judge would hold in the back of their mind when making their decision. It also doesn't hurt for us to keep our fingers crossed, too" De Reyes said, "but we're feeling confident that not only will Nova Scotia be good for us, but we'll be good for Nova Scotia as well."


You can reach Nitro-Turbodyne by e-mail at info@nitroturbodyne.com, or toll-free at 888-260-3766

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