For the first time ever, wind energy installations in developing countries this year will outpace those in industrialized countries

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Malaysian wind farms

For the first time ever, wind energy installations in developing countries this year, more than 22,000 megawatts, will outpace those in industrialized countries. China is a big reason why, but India, Mexico and other developing countries are also seeing healthy jumps in wind power production.
"The notion that wind power is only for rich countries has been proven wrong," said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council, speaking at a GreenSolutions panel in Cancun.

According to GreenBiz.com, this upsurge is a direct result of developing countries putting strong clean energy policies in place, in marked contrast from the United States. A few examples:
• India has introduced a new tax on coal consumption, with the revenues expected to be used for a new green investment bank.
• Korea is dedicating the majority of its fiscal stimulus to environmentally-related infrastruture and industrial initiatives.
• China's seven prioritized industries all have strong links to low-carbon models and is expected soon to launch a pilot carbon trading system.

Case in point - a new wind farm deal posted on OnGreen.com originates from Malaysia. The business model will entail a 100MW wind farm which will generate electricity that will later connect to a local grid system. The electricity supplied is sold to the local utility company using the feed-in-tariff scheme provided by the local government.

So where does the United States in all of this? At the bottom of the heap. Climate policy gridlock in Washington has thrown cold water on the industry. Wind energy installations this year will be half of those in 2009, when a record 10,000 megawatts was installed.

Read more about the deal: http://www.ongreen.com/deal-marketplace/100mw-wind-farm-kudat-malaysia
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