Submitted By: Kristina Marzullo · Tue, 06/28/2011 - 15:06
San Diego, CA, 92109
United States
Oil & Energy

FullPower, Incorporated announced that it will host the annual Advanced Energy Solutions Conference and Expo (AES) September 12 through September 15 at The Catamaran Hotel & Resort in San Diego, CA. AES 2011 will feature presentations from leading energy solution experts that focus on new and emerging technologies in the energy storage industry.

The high level of participation by users of energy storage technologies has driven an expanded, solution oriented approach. At AES 2011, participants will be exposed to critical material and component suppliers. Energy industry leadership, including utilities, automotive, and government, will discuss the issues and requirements associated with the deployment of efficient energy systems and power transmission.

AES2011 will offer two pre-conference sessions that will concentrate on Integrated Energy Systems and Energy Storage Market updates. New to the conference this year is an industry association member discussion forum. This exclusive forum will highlight ideas, concerns, challenges, and other insights that fellow industry colleagues encounter. The conference aims to provide a focused opportunity to explore and discuss the latest technological developments.

AES will also offer several networking events during the conference including an expanded exhibit hall, welcome reception, and other opportunities to exchange ideas with your peers.

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Airline companies and other transportation companies should attend this conference. With technology advancement, I think we should make ways to at least lessen the cost of expenses say for instance when it comes to fare or plane tickets. Just like what the Europe's largest commercial airline is planning to do this coming September. Air France-KLM will start using a combination of kerosene and old cooking oil to fuel its planes. Here's proof: Air France-KLM to fly on used cooking oil in September. This will likely be a fantastic step toward the decrease of earth dependence on fossil fuels.

Wed, 06/29/2011 - 01:02