Growing Waste in South-East Europe - a Source of Business Opportunities

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Sofia, 13-15 April 2011. Organizer Via Expo
Renewables & Environment


                                                                                                                                South-East European Conference & Exhibition Waste Management, Recycling & Environment Focus Country: Austria In Partnership with: Austrian Trade Commission in Bulgaria  28-30 March 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria  

Efficient waste management in South-East Europe is a huge challenge. This undeveloped sector has a great business potential and offers foreign companies opportunities to enter and extend their share on the Regional market. The Conference and Exhibition ‘Save the Planet’ will present new technologies, best practices and trends in waste management, recycling and environment. It is organized by Via Expo and will run from 28 to 30 March 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

For the second time Austria, one of the international leaders in environmental technology, will be a focus country of the SEE Forum. 

The Conference will tackle the financial, regulatory, policy and technological roadblocks to waste management implementation across South-East Europe. High-level speakers will participate in it. Hot topics like Waste Treatment Technologies, Landfilling,  Waste Prevention,  Recycling, Energy and Resource Recovery will be the highlights in the program.

SEE Conference on Waste Management, Recycling & Environment

Leading companies will present at the Exhibition cutting edge waste treatment equipment, transport vehicles, containers, collection-, composting- and recycling systems, eco-friendly products, financial and advisory services, etc. The event will attract professionals from different sectors: waste management, recycling, state administration, ecology, construction, finance, processing industry, etc.

SEE Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling & Environment

The joint holding of the event with the 8-th Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and South-East European Solar Exhibition will bring together key figures from Europe, Asia and the Americas.



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