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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, April 19, 2011 – World Energy Control Corporation (WECC) has partnered with International Engineering Products and Consulting Corp. (IEPC), developers of lighting technology products to accelerate the delivery and installation of the VBC100 distributed lighting control system (DLCS) and the VB400 HID integrated ballast and controller.

“These lighting control systems are truly unique in the lighting marketplace, in terms of their functionality, energy savings and cost reduction,” said Ron Flores, WECC President and CEO. “WECC has continued to push the envelope to guarantee maximum savings, control, and flexibility across multiple applications, regardless of the lighting technology in use.”

WECC is installing the first distributed lighting control system that works with multiple lighting technologies and reduces lighting energy costs up to 75% or more. The VBC100 DLCS dramatically reduces energy consumption and lighting energy costs while meeting existing energy codes (including California’s Title 24) for any business. The company’s VB400 integrated ballast/controller works efficiently in reducing energy usage by controlling the market’s more popular HID lamp models.

WECC provides the resources to support various size projects including schools, universities, industrial plants, warehouses, multi-story buildings (large and small), hospitals, convention centers, public arenas, grocery stores, parking garages, and parking lots. For more information, visit www.vbc100.com; email sales@vbc100.com or call 877-300-4372.

About WECC
Headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA, World Energy Control Corporation distributes innovative and affordable next generation platform products, designed to deliver maximum energy savings through superior engineering.

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