Photowatt Ontario Offers Product Development and Solar Installation

Submitted By: Sam Chungyampin · Tue, 12/14/2010 - 22:12

The Photowatt Ontario Green Wing Production Facility has now officially opened in Cambridge, Ontario. The facility, owned and operated by custom manufacturing firm, Automation Tooling Systems (“ATS”), represents a huge step forward for Ontario’s solar energy industry.

Photowatt Ontario is the site of ATS’s solar product manufacturing, project development, and installation services. Its first undertaking in the new facility is the production of a new line of 100MW photovoltaic modules. The Cambridge plant created around 150 new jobs with this project, and the company hopes to meet residential and commercial demand for solar capabilities throughout Ontario. As demand grows, ATS expects to hire more employees. The company hopes to expand its facilities and resources beyond its initial capacity to reach a broader market. This optimistic forecast means that solar job preparation could be an ideal way for Ontario’s workers to access new career opportunities.

Feed-In Tariff Program Is Part of Facility’s Success

The products that ATS will produce at its Photowatt Ontario facility meet the growing demand for solar technology in Ontario, as more businesses decide to take advantage of the feed-in-tariff program. Anthony Caputo, President and CEO of ATS Automation, praises the feed-in tariff program as evidence of Ontario’s leadership in the green energy sector. “We commend Ontario for taking meaningful steps in addressing our aging electrical transmission system[…] and manufacturing jobs lost in the economic downturn of 2008,” says Caputo. “The Green Energy Act is very progressive, and the feed-in tariff program accomplishes many of these multifaceted objectives.”

Cambridge Plant Highlights Importance of Solar Job Preparation

“This is an important new facility for Ontario and Waterloo Region,” says John Milroy, MPP for Kitchener Centre and Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities. He adds that the investment in clean energy will bring “highly-skilled jobs to our province that will help fuel the knowledge economy of the future.” ATS is optimistic that Ontario’s solar job creation rate will mimic that of Europe, where the International Energy Agency analysis estimates that about 40 jobs have been created for every megawatt of installed solar power capacity. Solar job preparation programs and PV training courses allow concerned stakeholders to capitalize on this growing industry sector.

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