September OnGreen Demo Day a Success

Submitted By: Alex Mokover · Thu, 09/30/2010 - 11:35

OnGreen hosted its second invitation-only Demo Day at company headquarters on the evening of September 28th. Over forty professionals from across the green business spectrum attended for a few hours of good conversation, good company, and mediocre Subway sandwiches. Drinks were also served, and ran the gamut from the ubiquitous Charles Shaw to more elite options. Four entrepreneurs had the opportunity to spread the word about their new products in hopes of gaining investors. Hal Slater demonstrated an ingenious water heater that uses both geothermal technology and a simple heat pump to create the world’s most efficient heater. Mike Simon from Transpower USA introduced an electric drive system for large trucks that will result in the highest performing, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to power big rigs in ports around the world. Britt Jackson from Santa Monica Electric Vehicles presented a scalable electric drive platform that can be applied to a multitude of light electric vehicles, and allowed attendees to tool around the parking lot on one such vehicle. A representative from Enova Water presented a new large-scale water purification method that is both cheaper and more environmentally sustainable than current systems. Besides having individual conversations with attendees, each entrepreneur was given roughly two minutes to make an elevator pitch to the assembled crowd. Overall, it was a fun event that furthered OnGreen’s goal of bringing together people to drive green business interactions.

About OnGreen: OnGreen is the world’s largest online marketplace for green technologies. It drives innovation in greentech and helps to build the green economy by powering the interaction between entrepreneurs, investors, government agencies, and subject matter experts in the green space globally.

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