Solar Energy Company Awarded for Quick Entry into Industry

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A panel of experts from Ontario’s energy industry has selected Morgan Solar, Inc. (Morgan Solar), as the winner of the first-ever Canadian Energy Innovation Award (CEIA) for its work with the University of Ottawa’s research facility, SUNLab. The award commends the Toronto company for its efforts towards accelerating the time required to bring its Sun Simba concentrating solar panels to market.

The $5,000 CEIA was formed through collaboration between industry partners, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP (BLG), and the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO). Its goal is to promote exceptional innovation and accomplishment within solar and other sustainable energy industries.

The partnership between Morgan Solar and the University of Ottawa began in 2009 with work on the Sun Simba technology. Morgan Solar’s patent-pending concentrating solar panels use Light-guide Solar Optic technology, and the company expects them to produce one of the industry’s highest sunlight-to-electricity conversion ratios in the most compact, lowest-cost system. According to Morgan Solar’s VP of Business Development, Nicolas Morgan, “We set ourselves the ambitious goal of making solar energy competitive with other electrical generation technologies.”

Solar Energy Students Put Class-hours in, Kilowatt-hours Out

Morgan Solar’s collaboration with the University of Ottawa is one of a number of similar joint efforts across the province. While students of classes at Ottawa University and L’Université de Sherbrooke in Québec analyze data from the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology’s SUNRISE project, others training for solar energy careers at St. Lawrence College’s Kingston campus conduct research into PV energy efficiency using data from the school’s grid-tied solar installation.

Solar energy careers have become more appealing to Ontario students and workers since the inception of the province’s feed-in tariff program, which pays producers of renewable energy high prices for electricity they feed into the grid. A number of courses and programs are available to help Ontarians make the transition to the green economy, including solar panel design and installation training classes such as those offered by Ontario Solar Academy, Canada’s only ISPQ-accredited institution.

From research and development to the spread of environmental awareness, Ontario’s schools play key roles in the province’s shift to greener forms of energy generation, and this year’s CEIA winner is no exception. “Morgan Solar is another excellent example of the kind of innovation that has its roots in our academic institutions,” says Tom Corr, OCE’s President and CEO, “… with tremendous commercial potential.”

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