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Location: Oklahoma City OK
Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management
OnGreen Category: Green Products & Production , Other

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Location: Wrocław DO
Industry: Apparel & Fashion
OnGreen Category: Banks, Finance, Green Business & Support

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Industry: Capital Markets
OnGreen Category: Green Products & Production
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Industry: Furniture
OnGreen Category: Management Consulting, Management & Business, Green Business & Support

Edward Thirlwall owns the Eastern suburbs branch of Supercheap Storage, Sydney. Established since 2008 he also manages it and is an expert on removals and storage. Different to other storage companies Supercheap maintains a simple system and cheap rates. Edward grew up in Papua New Guinea before moving to New York where he attended Kings College, and then to Australia where he graduated from Sydney University. He likes to keep active by trekking in the nearby mountains, playing tennis and surfing the beaches.

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Industry: Biotechnology
OnGreen Category: Waste & Pollution
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Industry: Building Materials
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Industry: Computer Hardware
OnGreen Category: Other, Practices & Systems, Agriculture
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Industry: Facilities Services
OnGreen Category: Water Management
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Industry: Banking
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Industry: Accounting
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