Naval Goel

Location: ewtretye ASR
Industry: Automotive
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Industry: Renewables & Environment
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Three billion tires are stored in tire dumps in the United States and over 300 million tires are disposed of every year in legal and illegal tire dumps.Not only is disposing of tires very expensive for municipalities, tire dumps also pose serious environmental and health hazards. One fire in Tracy, California burned 7 million tires for two years and caused immeasurable air and groundwater pollution. By taking these tires and recycle them will of our save our World and keep our environment clean. We have a method to turn those waste tires into energy without polluting our air and water

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Industry: Human Resources
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I'm a specialist in internet marketing and provide fundamental SEO services in Los Angeles.  My expertise in the field assists clients in building site traffic, exposure, and branding.  I work with professionals from all sectors of every industry throughout the country. 

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Industry: Airlines/Aviation
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Industry: Civic & Social Organization
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Title: Director of Client Relations and Sales
Company: Nephosity
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Industry: Medical Devices
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  • NephosityDirector of Client Relations and Sales | 2014 - current
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Industry: Environmental Services
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Industry: Insurance
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