Autoturbo Electric Vehicle Drive
United States
Santa Monica
Autoturbo Electric Vehicle Drive
Santa Monica Electric Vehicles
Commercial Product Launch/ Market Ready/ Sales

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  • Multiple seperately geared motors
  • Proprietary electronics and software turn the motors on and off to create an automatic transmission
  • Scalable from bikes to scooters to trikes to cars
  • 30% more range, 25% more speed, 40% better hill climbing capability than nearest competitor




We are covered by several patents which are either granted or pending. The technology relies on off the shelf components which cuts development costs and speeds deployment, and the technology provides more efficiency and more power than competing drives and at a lower price. AutoTurbo applies to a wide range of vehicles. Instead of one big expensive motor, AutoTurbo uses a series of small, low-cost motors, each of which acts as its own gear. The computer changes gears automatically. Not only is this much more efficient, but also less expensive. It has already been successfully installed and tested on vehicles as large as a cargo truck.



Most LEV companies that have proprietary technology are either developing electric motors or batteries. Both of these are very capital intensive and require long lead times to production. We use mechanical advantages with off the shelf motors and batteries. If a new, better, cheaper motor or battery comes along, we can quickly integrate it in our systems. Also, our drives are flexible. Performance parameters can be adjusted quickly in software or by changing a few gears. Most importantly, our drives are scalable. We have already successfully applied AutoTurbo to vehicles as large as pick-up trucks. While our business plan starts with bikes and trikes, we have already prototyped and tested our second and third acts.


Fully scalable for use on bikes, scooters, trikes, cars, and trucks



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