Procedure for composting of solid phase animal manures
Laser Consult Ltd.
Procedure for composting of solid phase animal manures
Laser Consult Ltd.
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Our partner, a Hungarian SME has developed a new procedure for composting of solid and liquid phase animal manures. The aim of the development of our partner is to commute the expensive and environment pollutant chemical fertilizers to environmentally friendly compost based soil manures for plant nutrition under different soil conditions.


The offered composting technology is suitable for composting of different solid and liquid phase feedlot manures through recycling of by-products from coal or energy plant combustion. It results compost end-product which has high fertilizer value, organic matter, total N, total P, total K content and harmonious trace element content. The whole composting process is not longer than 70-90 days.Innovative considerations:

• Utilization of environmentally friendly additives or masking agents reduces odor emission, odor intensity significantly before the composting procedure.• The untreated manure is placed onto the compost-based bed during pre-storage for reducing total N loss and DPR (dissolve reactive phosphorus) content.• The offered technology is suitable for reuse of soil-phase biogas residues.• The offered technology provides the complex utilization of water treatment residual and by-products from coal or energy plant combustion.• The controlled composting technology provides the preservation of agronomic value during the pre-storage of untreated manure and maturation of compost with special regard to intensive stage of composting.


Potential users:The offered technology can be used by all kind of animal husbandry companies.Intellectual property rights status:International patent is granted.Type of collaboration:

Licence agreement and according to the agreement the potential partners can get right for sale. 


composting; animal manure; manure


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