Biggest Solar park of India is developed at Gujarat State.

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Biggest Solar park of India is developed at Gujarat State.

India is considered to be aggressive in implementation of Solar Energy Projects now a day. India aims to install 20,000MW of total solar capacity by 2022. The Indian Solar plan, if implemented efficiently and strategically, can put India in the forefront for Green Energy.

The details of State wise solar plants installed are summarized as under.



From above it is seen that out of total 540.4MW PV solar plants installed in India, 365.4MW is installed at Gujarat. i.e. about 67.61% which shows the potential for solar plants at Gujarat and aggressiveness of Gujarat in implementation of solar energy projects. Gujarat is considered to be one of the best places of India because it gets more than 300 days of sunshine and arid lands are plenty can be utilized for generation of solar power.

Above data is somewhat old, but as per latest data as on 10/4/2012, out of total projects of 968.5 MW approved under Phase I (406.5MW )and phase II(562.0MW), 604.40MW is already installed and commissioned and other 70MW is under construction and likely to be commissioned in very near future.

The state of Gujarat was the first Indian state to launch its own solar policy in 2009.The initial target was to achieve an installed capacity of 500MW.However due to interest from a large number of developers, the Gujarat Government allocated projects worth 968.5MW.

The Gujarat Solar Policy is the only policy, which has awarded projects with a fixed FiT, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Levelized tariff                    For first 12 years                For next 13 years

For projects commissioned

before 28th January 2011                RS 13.30 per kWh               RS 15 per kWh                     RS 5 per kWh

For projects commissioned

post 28th January 2011                     RS 10.81 per kWh               RS 12.04 per kWh               RS 6.84 per kWh


Gujarat is going to set up solar park of about 600MW at Charankha, near Patan. At present 15 projects of total capacity 214MW is already commissioned.

On April 19th, 2012, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate 15 solar power projects to nation at Charanka Solar Park. In all, 15 solar projects completed in 16 months. Charanka is one of several large scale solar energy parks that Gujarat has planned to meet the rising demand for power in the northern state.




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