Steve Jurvetson says not all cleantech innovation is treated equal

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At a recent cleantech event, Steve Jurvetson, of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, commented that his firm's clean tech bets are fairly modest: Genomatica, Tesla and synthetic biology company Gen9. He continued to make a claim that these investments were made in “disruptive innovations.”

He commented: “First let’s define innovation: by innovation, I mean things that matter. Not sustaining innovation, but disruptive innovation – what will history books be written about. Twenty years from now what will people remember as a seminal advance for the human race? And that will not be some marginal improvement buried deep in some large company. It’s always startups.”

Jurvetson continues by saying: “If you think 20 years out, and ask what’s the most important company on the planet, it is not any company you could write down today. The most important company 20 years from now has not even been founded yet and doesn’t have a name. That’s a bit disconcerting for anyone who thinks about the trajectory of technology progress. That is always obvious in retrospective. Google, Facebook didn’t exist 20 years ago. It’s not so obvious when you plan into the future.”

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