Ask QUESTIONS to the panel: Earn A Free Ticket to the PerfectBusiness Summit in Las Vegas worth $497

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OnGreen wants to know your questions for the Entrepreneurial and Financing Opportunities in GreenTech Panel at the 2010 PerfectBusiness Summit in Las Vegas (http://www.perfectbusiness.com/ongreen).

Just post your questions to the panel here. You may post as many questions as you like, and if we select your question and pose it to the panel you will get a conference pass (a $497 value) for free! Deadline is September 17, 2010

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Hi, I have several questions to ask the panelists:

1. To found a start up company, How would you manage to build up networks through which you can get to know people and find the ideal partners?

2. What is the toughest situation you've ever experienced and how did you overcome it?

3. Personally speaking, what would you interpret the characteristics of entrepreneurs? Do you think sucessful entrepreneurs have some kind of common in personality or characters although they may succeed in a different way?

4. Lots of entrepreneurs are not so lucky in the competition for seed funding. To those who ran several companies and haven't achieved any success so far, do you have any suggestion to those unlucky people?

and I also have questions for those young entrepreneur panelists: as a young entrepreneur, would you decribe a littble bit about how the great ideas came out of your mind and how you initialized it in a sucessful business model? What are your strength and weakness compared to older and possiblely more experienced entrepreneurs?

Thank you.

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Hi, Alex:

Thank you very much for this useful information and here are my questions:

1.What are the specific challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in current economic doldrums.

2.What are the common mistakes usually made by fresh entrepreneurs that spell failure for their business.

3.What is the most important lesson you've learned from your start-up experience.

Thank you.

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A wise man once said "The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious."

In this light, my question is what are the future possibilities and opportunities that green businesses can take advantage of?

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Is there a place for non-engineers/installers in the cleantech industry?