Residential Energy Management - Huge Opportunity

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While most energy efficiency technology focuses on the commercial and industrial space, it is the residential customers that offer the greatest opportunity, especially for demand response reserve pools. FERC recently released a report on the potential for demand response amongst all groups, but it is the residential customer that holds the key to lower energy costs and green house gas reductions.

One challenge that the utility industry and regulatos face is how to engage the average consumer. This can be a challenge for them to understand that you can't market to consumers the way they have marketed to company's. Consumers are anything but rationale and few invest in new technologies based on an ROI analysis.

Some consulting companies are starting to recognize this gap. KEMA Engineering is conducting a market study for home energy management is TX, primarily because the electric market there is competitive. Deloitte has studies the subject which can be found at this website, but thier analysis still has a long way to go. The report can be found at this link.


I'd love to hear anyone's feedback on the subject.

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Residential energy management is itself a big topic for adding some points as, maximum wastage of energy happens through here and it is very important for us to first start conserving energy from our side that is by being at home. As you are right that this analysis is still needs some ways to go.