First Look West (FLoW): DOE’s National Clean Energy Business Plan Challenge

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FLoW, www.flow.caltech.edu , the most exciting new business plan competition in the West, is open for applications and seeking mentors and corporate partners to work with some of the best young minds in clean energy today! Led by Caltech, USC and UCLA, FLoW is part of the DOE’s National Clean Energy Business Plan Challenge for University Students  http://www.DOEEnergyChallenge . FLoW offers students attending accredited US universities the chance to win $200,000 in prize money and to start a company. We are now inviting experts in the clean energy field to join these innovators as mentors and advisors. Help them shape their game-changing inventions into companies and products that will transform the world’s use of power! FLoW is also seeking corporate partners  who wish to work with some of the best and brightest, and gain an early view of transformative technologies. For more information about becoming a mentor or corporate partner, contact Stephanie C. Yanchinski, Executive Director, FLoW, Caltech, Tel. 626-395-5759 (o), 626-818-5092 (cp), email: stephanie.yanchinski@caltech.edu.

First Look West
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