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Renewable Energy Consulting in Argentina. Fields for jatropha from U $ S 200. Complete projects. Biodiesel plants. Produccciones and sale of oil and soy biodiesel. Financial Consulting investments in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay). Contacts with national and provincial governments. Your advisor in South America for only a monthly fee.

Reports: miguel.harik @ gmail.com

CV Professional


Experienced executive/ businessman/entrepreneur with a long managerial career, qualified to deal with national and international companies.


M&A Consulting - Stock Corporation
Holder Counselor/Assessor Renewable Energy April 2004 –present

Ideas & Negocios, Consultancy firm Financial Bussines and Renewable Energy, Real Estate in Sudamerica.
Project Management—Business transacción. Project Biodiesel with algae and Jatropha.
Foreign trade – Financial markets. Real Estate - Agribusiness.

Sudameris Bank Inc.
Manager of the Santa Fe Branch May 2000 – March 2004

Responsible for the branch Banca Individuos y Empresas and in charge of its personnel/staff.

Responsibilities and outstanding achievements:
· Trading and commercial area supervision and control.
· Blue-chip clients training (career men, businessmen, agronomists)
· Trade agreements with first level Co. to attract and gain clients.

Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe Inc.
Manager of the Avellaneda Branch (Province of Santa Fe) May 1999 – April 2000
Responsible for the branch and in charge of its administrative and sales staff.

Responsibilities and achievements
· Responsible for the cross-selling of section ABC1 clients.
· Personal and mortgage credits, and credit on chattel mortgage investment.
· Supervision: how to attract high income clients within the region.

Bank Boston N.A.
Official Manager (Santa Fe & Reconquista) April 1997 – February 1999

Responsible for S.M.E. & Commercial Institutions (Santa Fe branch) – Manager of Business Finances (Reconquista branch)

Responsibilities and achievements
· Commercial management: how to attract Commercial Institutions & Co.Hazard analisis. Marketing & Commercialization
· Responsible for private banking investors in the North-Centre Region of Santa Fe Province
· Back up during the openings of the new branches at Rafaela, Reconquista, Venado Tuerto, Paraná, Concordia and Gualeguaychú.

Citibank N.A. – Santa Fe
Account Executive – Supervisor January 1994- March 1997

Citibank Sales division at the North-Centre Region of Santa Fe and Entre Rios Provinces

Responsibilities and achievements 1st place in the sale of Diners & Visa credit card within 1995-1996. 1st place in the sale of credit on chattel mortgage in 1994-1995.
· Business relations with commerce rally to Diners credit card (Esperanza, Rafaela, Reconquista, Paraná, Gualeguay, Victoria, Concordia, Gualeguaychú, Concepción del Uruguay, La Paz, Colón).
· Commercial Supervosr during the opening of the branch in Paraná, Province of Entre Rios.

FIDES Real Estate Co.
Sales manager (Santa Fe) February 1991 – December 1993

Sales manager within the high incomes segment
Responsibilities and achievements
Exclusive high category sales: apartment building and real property.
· Supervisor: in charge of sales staff (8).
· Responsible for VIP investors within Santa Fe region.

El Torito Inc.
Responsible for the Santa Fe branch March 1986 - January 1991

In-charge-administrative employee. El Torito: vet products retail & wholesale dealer, its branches were situated in Resistencia, Capital Federal, Mar del Plata, Vera (Santa Fe).

Responsibilities and achievements
· Traveling salesman supervisor (Provinces of Santa Fe, Corrientes and Entre Rios)
· Responsible for commercial planning.
· User calls.

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