Seeking Investors/Partners For My Invention Emission Reduction Energy?

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I was an inventor of Smoke Emission Reduction/Fuel Saving Energy for vehicles use it is a catalyst reactions fine tune air and fuel mixture to the chemically correct ratio (Stoichiometric) and vaporize and distribute this uniformly to all the cylinders, ideal if not perfect combustion is attained thus unburned fuel and the other main causes of air pollution like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carbon oxide are minimized if not all together terminated by up to 95%.

We are in the PHILIPPINE based, Patent pending. Seeking Investors willing to invest at least USD$ 5,000,000.00 for the manufacturing and commercialization of this products. Maybe we offer in the forms of profit sharing, serious investors is welcome to come over here in the Philippine to set a round table discussion regarding the implementation and signing of contract.

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