Yes, you can change. If you want to.

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What the press literally has been forcing down our throats comes down the pipe
everyday in small doses, like antibiotics fed to chicken and cattle. Not that
there is anything wrong with chicken and cattle. There is a lot wrong
in the way the greedy corps and gents want to use them and anything else on
the planet for their own 'profit.'

The press itself is complicit, as they are now in the hands of 5 major corps.
Comply or fry is the word out to the 'reporters.'
One single screw up of revenue ads and you are out.
Our country is doing as good as any banana republic on the planet.

Case in point is an 'article' in one of those waste of good trees newspapers.
Good trees gone to bad ink. The story was about superbugs going awry like the flesh eating
bacteria that does not respond to ANY known antibiotic now in an hospital near you.

While the comments from the medical doctors
and the patient himself may seem somewhat appropriate,
the question is why doctors and patients maintain the status quo as if they can't do
anything about it, and why 'doctors' and other 'experts' do not advise the public and take immediate action to change their modus operandi to organic, sustainable and
holistic practices. That strikes me as a double agenda, wink, wink
silent agreement.

Can't have it both ways.

The patient in this story was portrayed as being 'healthy.'
The fact is that he was never vigorous nor healthy.
He was an idiot eating all kinds of crap from all sources
without a thought or a concern or a conscience.

Stories as those are choke full of false common place assumptions,
overused terms and phrases, day after day. There's nothing modern
about current agri practices. They are an horrendous
place, a house of horrors no matter how anyone
looks at it.

There is nothing modern about current medicine.
Half a million bypasses each year are done
in our country costing about $50,000 each, the MAJOR
source of income of our 'modern' medicine. The CASS
study of the 80's showed that the death rate of CV blockage WITHOUT
surgery was 1-2%, YET average death rates after bypass surgery was 10-11%.
So, buy insurance and your chances of getting killed of a car crash go 5-10 times higher ?
No and no thanks.

Similar death rates apply to cancer, AIDS, vaccinations and autism, and other
of the so-called 'modern' miracles. The science is there.
What we have is a vicious marketing/propaganda/corporate/fascist/profit-greed agenda bent on keeping 'patients' and the public as permanent paying hostages of whatever bla-bla modernism of the day, well insulated from the truth by scare tactics and
constant non-stop radio/tv/newspaper sweet faced infomercials.
Meanwhile, the foxes want to be in charge of the chicken.

However, our universe is not that simple, nor follows
such simplistic human lab tube assumptions. The crap that hits
the fan has evolved from billions of years under
the same exact forces of life and death as we had to for a few
million years. So who's to say that bacteria, bugs however infinitesimal
don't know a thing or two we don't or will not know for another billion
years or ever ? Who ? Who ?

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