TOTD #5: Connecting Marketplace Deals to Companies

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This week, we're focusing on ways you can improve your company page. A company page is both a way for your company to market itself and a hub that brings together everything associated with the company on OnGreen, from job postings and press releases to deals and patents.

Today, we'll show how to connect a Marketplace Deal to your company. If you are using OnGreen to attract funding for your company, posting a deal in the Marketplace is the way to go. First, go to the Marketplace and click on the "Post a Deal" button (alternatively, just go here). Once there, fill out all the information that you can about your deal (remember: the more information, pictures, and videos you add, the more attractive your deal is likely to be to potential investors), and when you get to the "Company" section, start typing your company name until the name shows up in the autocorrect box, and select the name. Once you have done this and complete your deal, the deal will be automatically connected to your Company page, where people will be able to see your deal, press releases, and jobs. 

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