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We have several programs available to help you, We have our lease program,Pristine Sun covers 100% of the cost to design, permit, insure, install, test, warranty, monitor, repair and operate a complete solar energy system. There is NO COST whatsoever to your business. that will reduce your utility bills by over 20% the first year and that savings will increase year after year and the FIT program will make that lease payment plus give you additional money for other programs, I would like to discuss all the possibilities with you soon. We also have a fund raising program ( The Hospital, Church or School) of your choice will receive Commission on any Residential Solar Project received within your district.
I am the only one offering this fund raiser to any and all organizations and Causes and it is paid directly out of my own commissions.

We are actively seeking land or rooftops anywhere in Hawaii and CA in the service territory of any of the big 4 utilities (PG&E, SDG&E, SCE or Edison).

We need to get leases signed for at least 50-100 projects of 1.5 MW per location. It takes ~ ( 5 to 7 acres) for one of these projects, either on rooftop or land. We’ll pay $18,000 per year per 1.5 MW x 20 years (no escalator on the lease payment). This is reflected in the site lease for FIT projects,

Owner will receive and there are no negotiations $ 12 per kw of solar 1.5 M = $12 X 1500 KW = $18,000 3M = $36,000 6M =$72,000

20 Acres = 3 systems=$54000 per year for 20 years

We are the only company that has a 10 year loan and I mean the only company The other companies are doing a 20 year lease and only giving the customer 10% or 15% savings . ...............How does Free electricity from us grab you ?
You HAVE TO HAVE SOLAR .....why you ask ? because some are paying 45 cents a kw/h for peak day pricing . that is triple their normal average rate . If you could just eliminate that peak demand with 3 or 4 kw of solar their portion of the bill could be reduced from a $400 per month bill and to only $150 --
this is available to anyone and everyone. Franz Dunsworth 217-242-3758

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 17:59