Ales Bulc
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Ales Bulc


Title: director
Company: AMB Invest
Location: Ljubljana
Industry: Renewables & Environment
OnGreen Category: Renewable Energy

In over twenty-five years of leadership in corporate governance, Dr. Bulc has blended the technical expertise in the field of electrical energy and renewables with finances and investment strategies. He communicates the ideas, leads and motivates teams and delivers results. He has secured project financing from private investors, institutional funds, The World Bank, GEF, NSF, EU framework programme. Presently he is a program manager for the development and financing of a system of hydro power plants on the Danube–Tisa–Danube water channel system. He is combining the skills to finance, develop, and sell projects.

Dr. Bulc has fifteen years experience in electrical power engineering, advanced energy sources and renewable/alternative energy solutions. Presently he is working on a program to confirm financial viability of several renewable energy projects in Serbia, to complete the permitting process and to confirm the project design criteria. A major Austrian energy company has signed a contract to enter a 20MW+ development in 4 to 10 locations. Dr. Bulc acts as a program manager. A major food producer is upgrading its production facilities in Vojvodina. Dr. Bulc is leading an overall energy management audit including the refurbishing of some production facilities including the replacement of roofing with 1MW solar panels and to use biological waste in a biogas digestor. In the past he has worked on a dual use technologies to power the ground based lasers (star war program) with superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) technology. At Bechtel, he was leading an effort sponsored by the US government and utility industry to develop accurate cost estimate analysis for the advanced energy storage systems. He was coordinating the research activities, engineering, and project controls efforts for small hydro. He was a lead scientist on a concentrated solar power plant. Through cooperation with the West-Coast SMES Utility Interest Group he was assessing the SMES economic potential. He is a coauthor of US patent on SMES. Through his personal network he is assembling a renewable energy portfolio of viable investment project in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia.

Dr, Bulc has a unique experience in combining the strategic thinking with practical approach. Proven as skilled project manager, program leader, coordinator and creative team player. He is successful in communicating with diverse groups and individuals on a worldwide basis. He forged links between industry and academia and is invited speaker at numerous conferences. For several years he has worked on commercialization of advanced technologies, mainly in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy production.


2006 - present: Director, AMB Invest, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2004 - 2006: Vice president for EU, Global Investment Group, Auckland, New Zealand
2002 - 2004: Director, Sales and marketing, Gorenjski tisk, Kranj, Slovenia
1998 - 2002: CEO, IMOS d.d., Ljubljana Slovenia
1994 - 1998: Director, Research and Engineering, Trimo, Trebnje, Slovenia
1985 - 1994: Senior Engineer, Bechtel Group, Research and Development, San Francisco, CA

Honors and Awards:

Fulbright Scholar
Bechtel Technology Group: Performance Plus Gold Award
Member of the Executive Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ljubljana
Member of the Board of Directors of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Employment and Education


  • AMB Investdirector | 2006 - current
  • Bechtel Group, San Francisco, USAsenior engineer | 1983 - 1994


  • University of California, Berkeley - Electric Power EngineeringPhD | 1990 - 1995
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York - Electrical Power EngineeringMaster of Engioneering | 1984 - 1985