Dan Gibbs
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Dan Gibbs


Location: San Diego CA
Industry: Farming
OnGreen Category: Organic, Sustainable, Agriculture

Current CEO Http://www.hometownfarms.com

Over 30 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Board member, CEO, VP and business development expert. Dan was a Co-Inventor of the Self Heating Container technology and served as Vice President of Business Development for OnTech Inc. Dan played a leading role in negotiating and closing product development contracts with Procter & Gamble, Kraft and other multi-national corporations and closed the first $300 million in sales for the company. While Dan was Vice President of OnTech Inc, Fortune magazine picked OnTech as one of the top 25 breakout companies of the year. Dan is also named on numerous utility patent claims issued in over 35 countries.

As CEO of Gold Mine Natural Foods, Dan developed strategic relationships and implemented and created growth initiatives that lead to a 100% increase in company sales, the fastest growth in Company’s 21 year history. Dan was also the Co-Founder and Board member of Predict Power LLC. Predict power offered real-time energy price and consumption forecast information systems, specifically-designed for commercial and industrial (C&I) facilities. Predict Power’s technology was acquired by another company in early 2007.

Dan is a junior partner of ClearDome Solar Thermal LLC. ClearDome produces a line of solar thermal products for residential and commercial use. In particular the company invented the most efficient Solar Forced Air Heater in the world. Dan is a current Advisory Board member of Compass Auto Finder LLC. The Compass Auto Finder is a revolutionary patented product made up of the world’s smallest directional antenna in two small transceivers; an in-car and mini hand-held transceiver, not much bigger than a standard key fob. This technology will help people find their automobiles in parking lots at Malls, sporting events or any other large parking area. Dan has been involved in raising over $35 million dollars for various companies.

Dan is a current Board Member and vice-Chairman of the San Diego Renewable Energy Society, which is the local chapter of American Solar Energy Society, one of the largest and oldest solar groups in the US.