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Abram Santa Cruz


Title: Owner
Company: LivingECO.com
Location: Los Angeles CA
Industry: Internet
OnGreen Category: Photovoltaic , Solar , Renewable Energy

The Product: Living ECO bridges the connection between financial sources and solar projects for the purpose of distributing product through our merchant portal. LivingECHO is first to the green market with a next generation integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that combines credit card merchant services, e-commerce software solutions, accounting tools, product management and business management tools on a single platform using non-proprietary internet based technology. The core of the platform is built on a centralized shopping cart system with a product and information based workflow, automation, and advanced tracking and analysis tools. LivingECHO’s platform performs in both the B2C and B2B markets.


Pain/Solutions: Lack of long-term financing for solar projects under $2 Million. Living ECO is looking to build a fund for financing alernative energy projects.


Lack of Tracking & Portfolio Insight: Unable to get timely and accurate reports and analytics on operations and portfolio performance due to current systems’ limitations. LivingECHO has built-in performance dashboards, accounting engine, and SEO analytics on all company data.


Lack of System/Process Integration & Automation: Using multiple, expensive, inflexible systems cobbled together that lack business logic or automation. Living ECO is a single integrated system that provides online hosting/ecommerce solutions and a CRM system with all payment processing forms.


The Market: Living ECO is targeting markets of substantial size that is greatly underserved and where LivingECHO can be disruptive—the solar industry and the online application software industry. The market for CRM software encompasses hosting, payment processing, servicing, portfolio management and accounting. The size of the application and infrastructure software market is $38b, the B2B ecommerce market is $1.5 billion (2010), and in 2012 the US retail e-commerce sales (excluding travel) will climb by 12.7% on volume of $152b.


The Model: Living ECO is currently sold directly by in-house sales staff as a web-based application. That approach will continue, but the product also lends itself well to franchise and channel distribution. Living ECO has entered into a strategic partnership with FirstData, a payment processor, to provide our merchants with the most sophisticated payment technology in the market.


Living ECO has signed contracts for 6 solar projects ranging in size of 50kw to 200kw. We have availablity to fund $10 Million worth of solar projects immediately.

Pricing is below average market rates to gain a client base but will climb as services are added and are collected on a monthly recurring basis. Reoccurring revenues are also incurred on the payment processing model.


The People: Led by founders Abram Santa Cruz and Jonathan Haun, the Living ECO management team is composed of highly seasoned software technologists and marketers with experience in both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.


The Company: Living ECO’s goal is to bring the highest standard in solar financing solutions and credit card merchant services, e-commerce software solutions, accounting tools, product management and business management tools, in one easy to use integrated CRM software platform. Living ECO was introduced to the market in January 2008.


The Competition: The green industry is currently underserved with no CRM competitor holding more than 5% market share. The green market currently does not have a turn-key solution to an integrated CRM and payment processing platform. Many competitors offer standalone shopping carts, hosting, ecommerce or payment solutions that support only a portion of their online and business management needs or offer payment processing solutions that are impractical for many merchants.


The Upside: Many of the Company’s customers currently lack financial abilities to build highly functional shopping carts or websites. Rapidly changing technology, cost-prohibitive ecommerce solutions and problematic payment integrations are significant barriers to higher leverage. Living ECO’s service solves the problems of getting your online business started. International markets will offer significant growth opportunities. There are additional verticals in non-competing industries with significant opportunities but cannot be quantified at this moment. The company’s core domestic business is the sole basis for the current revenue projections.

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Apologies Scottie, I did not see this post before. We are currently in the seed stage and moving past that shortly. What stages do you support?

Fri, 04/22/2011 - 16:38

Very interesting project, indeed. At what stage is it currently at? Nice logo too.

Tue, 10/05/2010 - 12:35