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Title: Director of Resource Development
Company: PowerForce
Location: Los Angeles CA
Industry: Renewables & Environment
OnGreen Category: Energy Distribution & Efficiency

PowerForce Executive Summary

PowerForce “Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions”, is an innovative energy company engaged in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of lithium battery technology for industrial and commercial electric vehicle use. PowerForce’s design concepts utilize state-of-the-art green battery technology and specialized delivery systems to transition commercial and industrial use of diesel to a cleaner battery alternative. PowerForce is revolutionizing the battery industry by substantially reducing energy costs and expanding the performance of new and existing industrial and commercial electric vehicles in use. The PowerForce flagship product, “Power Bear Deep Cycle Batteries” are specifically designed for electrically powered vehicles such as: industrial carts, forklifts, material handling equipment, utility and golf carts, power back-up and government/military/municipal applications. The Power Bear was created to be as ubiquitous to the deep cycle battery industry as the “AA” battery is to handheld electric devices.

The company’s initial market entry strategy is to offer a lithium option to replace lead-acid batteries currently used in industrial and commercial electric vehicles with PowerForce lithium battery systems. There is an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of PowerForce batteries to be used in existing and newly manufactured vehicles. Already proven in two major airports, the PowerForce lithium battery technology is the first to bring a viable breakthrough battery option to the $5.6 billion industrial and commercial electric vehicle battery market.

The PowerForce battery product offerings are designed for simple installation and to withstand rugged harsh conditions in the field. Based upon a simple modular format, PowerForce systems have four times the energy density with one third the weight of existing competitor lead based batteries, and are scalable and easily adapted for multiple applications. This non-hazardous, non-combustible, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly, high-capacity, long-life and cost efficient system will revolutionize rechargeable energy solutions in multiple larger format applications. Future models & applications will be developed for use in *alternative/emergency power storage, military, marine, aviation and hybrid autos.

PowerForce management, Zane Tatum and Elliot Ponchick together have invested significant time and capital into PowerForce operations and have the knowledge, experience and industry contacts to move the company forward. PowerForce management has also assembled a support team of scientists, technicians, sales and marketing specialists to help PowerForce accelerate its penetration into the industrial and commercial electric vehicle battery market.

*such as solar, wind, UPS and more.

Employment and Education


  • PowerForceDirector of Resource Development | 2010 - current


  • UCLA - EcologyB.S. | 1997 - 2002

In addition to our focus on electric ground transportation vehicles powered by lithium, PowerForce, provides large format lithium batteries and designs custom battery systems for applications such as:

- Smart Grids
- Alternative Energy Storage for renewables such as Solar and Wind
- Electric & Hybrid vehicles such as city buses and airport
- Portable power for remote use and emergency response
- Building Energy Efficiency

The needs and uses of safe, green, hi-powered batteries are many and growing as new technologies are developed for the efficient use of energy. Please contact our team for more information. 213.765.8150

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