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Location: Tustin CA
Industry: Building Materials
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WEKA Insulation is proud to announce the new sheep wool panel manufacturing line strategically located in Italy to make products for the booming European home remodeling market.

The WEKA production facility is a joint venture with IDEP, which is just 50 miles North of Venice. Wool is available in highest quality from Tuscany and Sardegna, biolime is produced in the Dolomites.

About WEKA Insulation

The product lauded by BULDERSnews Magazine as “Best Products of the Year 2008″ came to the USA through “TasserTechnologies“, and immediately caught the attention of peoples “green” and “wallet-conscious” sensibilities. WEKA Sheep Wool Panels are insulated panels made from sheep’s wool and a natural alkaline binder developed by Walter Tasser of Pfalzen, Italy. The insulating material utilizes the properties of wool (wolle) as well as a natural stabilizer (kalk, hence WEKA), which accomplishes the following:

- Saves energy and heating/cooling costs

- Enhances fire resistance

- Improves in-door air quality by absorbing certain air contaminants

- Provides resistance to pests and fungi by its natural ability to draw in moisture

- Lowers impact on the environment due to no thermal treatment or chemical processing and is fully recyclable

- Provides LEED points for contractors: Thermal Comfort (2pt); Rapidly renewable material (1pt); Innovation and design process: light, recyclabe (5 pt); Optimize energy performance (2pt); Use of local materials

Because these panels can be mounted on existing walls or used in new builds, the need for insulation and dry walling is eliminated, reducing the overall budget of a project. Besides budgetary considerations the ability for a product to positively affect the environment and its resources is priority for most homeowners. In addition to the aforementioned “green” positives above, the use of wool in this product is providing a new source of income and stability for wool farmers and suppliers, and increasing the exchange of local and sustainable sources of insulation materials.

For more information, visit:


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WEKA is the first insulation board made from...

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