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Mark Frost


Title: Founder/Executive Director/Board Member
Company: Clean Technology Trade Alliance
Location: Bremerton WA
Industry: International Trade and Development
OnGreen Category: Green Business & Support, Economic Development, National

Sustainability and clean technology only work when business is involved and there is a profit motive. People do not do the right thing without motive and the mainstream is because it is easy and well marketed. A sustainable business is a profitable business or it does not sustain, no matter how green or good the product might be. Clean Technology (in the broadest non-energy focused sense is not yet mainstream, though it is often more efficient, cost effective and has a greater ROI than the alternatives. However, because it is not easy to find or easily validated and it is not as well marketed the adoption is slow.

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA) was developed to solve this problem in the adoption, we make it easy. We find solutions at no cost to the requestor, unless dedicated staff and resources are required on an ongoing basis. We are a membership organization Trade Alliance) and your requests often help us find technologies and businesses that become members. The requester wins, the company providing the solution wins and CTTA wins. Nobody can ask for more than that.

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  • Clean Technology Trade AllianceFounder/Executive Director/Board Member | 2012 - current

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance joins effort to build world's most sustainable golf course.


The Clean Technology Trade Alliance has been chosen to be the sustainable business coalition partner by Punta Brava, "The World's First Tiger Woods Oceanfront Design."  Punta Brava has embraced sustainability and environmental responsibility with a level of commitment unprecedented in the golf industry.

They have a commitment we feel will not only set the standard for environmentally responsible golf courses the world over, but show many other in the private and public sectors the true power of clean technology.

This is a big opportunity CTTA and its members for it will allow us to demonstrate the power of a comprehensive approach to sustainable development.  We will be able to develop all aspects of essentially a small city infrastructure that is from the start and top to bottom an integration of clean technologies.

We welcome the challenge of putting together a team of clean tech companies to meet Punta Brava's high standards.  We look forward to not only giving our members the chance to demonstrate their abilities, but to finding new companies to join our team.

Punta Brava has adopted a set of 10 guiding principles we feel will produce a model for sustainable development.  For more information on their plan click here.

Sat, 05/26/2012 - 15:51

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance (CTTA) is a completely new type of business partner. Built on a not for profit trade organization framework, CTTA aggressively recruits both companies providing clean, efficient solutions and the companies, projects, developers, organizations and agencies that need them. Our job is to vet both opportunities and solutions and then connect them. We recruit by invitation only and require that all potential members participate in our interview process. CTTA is member funded and does not charge for finding solutions; however, it is not pay to play. By becoming a member of the Clean Technology Trade Alliance, if you qualify, you become part of an exclusive group of businesses that are proven performers that have high ethical values and provide the cleanest, most efficient solutions.  CTTA is successfully branding itself as the single point of entry for real clean and sustainable solutions that meet the customer’s needs for sustainability, efficiency and return on investment. By creating a B2B connection, CTTA is driving the expansion of clean technology globally, bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. We find solutions for our customers in government and the private sector, and provide easy access to viable, vetted solutions for their projects. We currently have high-profile projects across North and South America, the Middle East and Europe, including The “World's First Tiger Woods Oceanfront Design”, Punta Brava.

Thu, 05/17/2012 - 12:39