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Adam Lebiedowski


Title: Freelancer/Self-Employed/Consultant
Company: Geprost
Location: Madrid MD
Industry: Information Technology and Services
OnGreen Category: Wind , Renewable Energy

Ph.D. in Renewable Energy Independent Scientist, Researcher and Inventor in the domain of Renewable Energy and its application for the individual energy production, use, efficiency and sustainability.

Smart application of the wind and solar energy in the rural and urban areas. Universal measuring system for the remote site monitoring - http://mittit.zxq.net



A. Lebiedowski: "INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION OF THE WIND ENERGY" (English) Warsaw 2012, ISBN 978-83-926308-2-1 (http://kdepot.eu/lib/71336582118)

A. Lebiedowski: "SYSTEM FOR COLLECTING AND DATA TRANSFER FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENERGY GENERATION FROM RENEWABLE SOURCES", Energia i Budynek, Wydawca: Zrzeszenie Audytorow Energetycznych-OPP; Nr 07 (50) 2011, 28-31 (http://kdepot.eu/lib/195536)

A. Lebiedowski: "INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION OF THE WIND ENERGY" (Polish) Warsaw 2009, ISBN 978-83-926308-0-7 (http://kdepot.eu/lib/71309257534)

A. Lebiedowski: “EVALUATION OF THE LOW SPEED WINDS POWER AS AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF ENERGY” (Polish) Building Physics in Theory and Practice. Scientific Journal vol. III, PAN-PL, Lodz, 2008 (http://kdepot.eu/lib/666600)

A. Lebiedowski: “SELECTED SOURCES OF RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE AREA OF NORTH MAZOVIA”, (Polish) Building Physics in Theory and Practice. Scientific Journal vol. II, PAN-PL, Lodz, 2007 (http://kdepot.eu/lib/671044)

A. Lebiedowski: "ECOLOGICAL SOURCES OF ENERGY AND THE POSSIBILITY OF ITS APPLICATION IN THE AREA OF NORTH MAZOVIA" (Polish), Studia Mazowieckie, 4/2007, 47-60 (http://kdepot.eu/lib/675488)

B. Lebiedowska, A. Lebiedowski: “UNE LOGICIEL FRANCAIS -MITHRA DANS LA PRATIQUE DES CALCULS D’UNE CHAMPE ACOUSTIQUE DANS LES CONDITIONS POLONAISES”, (Polish) VII Conference of Science and Technology: Building Physics in Theory and Practice, Lodz 1999



My research interests have lately focused on renewable energy, efficiency and effectiveness of its applications as well as measuring, gathering and transfer of data over wireless mobile networks and wide broadband computer network systems. My doctoral thesis deals with the application of weak winds as a source of renewable energy for individual households in urban, rural and specially protected areas.

Research topics investigated by me can be divided into three main areas:

(1) Renewable energy, especially wind and solar energy,

(2) Measurement, transfer and storage of physical values related to atmospheric conditions applicable to efficiency evaluation of sites for current and future implementations of the renewable energy infrastructure,

(3) Application of large computer networks, the Internet as well as existing mobile wireless networks to disseminate data related to atmospheric conditions in a continuous and almost immediate way. I am in particular interested in the following issues: (1) Renewable energy as a source of energy suitable for individual households, especially when applicable to the existing infrastructure and building lay-outs in urban and rural areas. My research concentrates on the existing niche in the energy market, exploiting the fact that while the energy industry seems to focus mainly on big wind farms on-shore and off-shore, individual customers who may have a potential to produce energy locally and independently, thus contributing to the reduction of the CO2 footprint, are neglected. (2) The importance of site evaluation for renewable energy production purposes as these sources of energy are usually characterised by a high level of unpredictability. This has a considerable impact on energy distribution across Europe leading to energy supply problems and electric grid instability. Proper, constant measurement of and easy access to data related to renewable energy carriers such as wind or sun can considerably reduce the impact of fluctuations of energy production and demands and align installed-power data with the real data of energy output. This can be achieved by live monitoring of atmospheric conditions and instantaneous global sharing of the values measured. (3) The existing computer network infrastructure, combined with the global wireless mobile network and some minor local wireless technologies, can be used to make the data referred to in (2) globally available for the producers, grid operators and investors in a live time mode. This would contribute to the development and constant update of wind maps or solar irradiation maps, including the constantly changing world climate and new atmospheric phenomena unknown and unexpected in some geographical locations in the past.

Employment and Education


  • GeprostFreelancer/Self-Employed/Consultant | 2011 - current
  • Self EmployedIndependent Scientist & Researcher | 2011 - current
  • FreelancerConsulting in the area of Renewable Energy, Telecommunication and RFID | 2008 - current
  • European Commission – Joint Research CentreScientific and Technical Project Officer | 2006 - 2008
  • European CommissionScientific Project Officer | 2006 - 2008
  • EricssonSupport Engineer | 2001 - 2006
  • Ericpol TelecomComputer Scientist and Software Developer | 2000 - 2001
  • Ericpol TelecomSupport Engineer | 2000 - 2001
  • Laboratoire Central des Ponts et ChausséesComputer Scientist | 1997 - 1997


  • Bialystok University of Technology, Poland - Renewable EnergyPh.D. | 2008 - 2009
  • Technical University of Lodz, Poland - Electrical Engineering & Computer ScienceM.Sc. Eng. | 1999 - 2000
  • Technical University of Lodz, Poland - Electrical Engineering & Computer ScienceB.Sc. Eng. | 1994 - 1999
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